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road warrior tips to stay healthy while traveling

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
When you travel a lot
Especially when travel involves going to unfamiliar places outside many time zones --
Your health can determine a successful trip and a bad one.
Just ask Bob Costas (Bob Costas) who arrived in Sochi, the main host of NBC prime-time Olympic coverage, and ended up on the sidelines for nearly a week with an eye infection.
Getting sick on the road can be expensive for both business travelers and tourists who will find themselves in bed more time than they planned.
Here are some tips learned by experienced travelers on the road. 1.
Heather Holmes, who works for medical device company Medtronic, plans to advance and regularly travel more than 100,000 miles on long-haul flights to places like China and India each year.
She took her preparations very seriously and started a month or two in advance.
As soon as she knew her destination, Holmes
She\'s in her 30 s.
She first went to a travel clinic at a local hospital in Chicago.
These can be found in many cities and any necessary vaccines and medicines are distributed to deal with specific diseases that you travel to, such as-malaria drugs.
If there is no such clinic near you, you can get information about the specific disease and disease risks you may encounter by using free services, including Sitata.
Com, international travel Medical Aid Association (iamat. org), and the U. S.
Tourist sites of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (wwwnc. cdc. gov/travel). 2.
After severe itching of tree pollen in Nicaragua, give your toiletries soup, where there is no Walgreens or CVS in every corner of North Carolina
Based in tourism writer Katie Jackson, 24, understands the hard way why it\'s important to bring yourselfthe-
Counter processing.
1 feet on an island in Greece, she encountered difficulties in finding painkillers, which made her more determined about the idea of being ready.
Now, she packed a big pack of suits. the-
Prescription drugs and supplies including water and electricity
Loose body cream, benajo, contact solution, wet wipes that can be used as a substitute for a shower, and zinc lozenges designed to reduce the duration of a cold.
To avoid common digestive problems with foreign food, which can be difficult to deal with in remote areas, she drinks bottled water while traveling, mainly insisting on packaged dry food --
Biscuits, nuts and grains are included.
Still, Jackson says it\'s worth determining where the bathroom is in case you\'re on the wrong side in this fight.
Sherlock Holmes set including band-
AIDS, benajo, anti-corrosion ointment, water
Loose body, sleeping pills, wipes,
Bacterial hand sanitizer, sunscreen and pesticides.
\"By traveling with all these things, I\'m ready for most of the things I might encounter on the ground or in the air,\" she said . \".
Also, before a long flight, she said she took aspirin and wore compression socks to prevent deep venous thrombosis --
She walked around as much as she could. 3.
Eating the right food can change the way you stick on your trip even before you go.
Vegan chef and travel expert Caroline Scott
Hamilton, also known as a \"healthy traveler\", avoids alcohol, sugar and caffeine before flying --
In addition to avoiding \"junk, high prices and unhealthy airport food.
During the trip, she brought a reaction.
Help catch some of the closed microbial sleep masks and neck pillows-
Eyes on the road, and snacks in stainless steel containers. 4.
Some senior travelers stress that when traveling, they may use disinfectant on items they come into contact --
For example, the hotel\'s light switch, door handle, and even the TV remote control. New York-
American-based actor and comedian Jim delax often travels to and from the United States. S.
Australia says he works out before going on the road, eats well and sleeps well.
But he never forgot to keep his hands clean.
\"Hand sanitizer is very important to me.
If I can\'t wash my hands with soap and water, I will always use hand sanitizer.
\"When he did use the restroom, he opened the door with the paper towel he dried.
\"Some people may not wash their hands after going to the toilet,\" Dailakis said . \". 5.
Check out your insurance Robert Wheeler, chief medical officer, New Hampshire-
According to Call International, a paid service that provides emergency travel assistance, it is said to check with your medical insurance company what they will pay when you are abroad.
It is also important to identify hospitals and pharmacies that are destined, which have been identified as having Western standards.
Wheeler emphasized drinking a lot of water.
He said he was drinking between eight and ten.
One ounce of water per day before, during, and after travel, because drying can reduce the body\'s efficiency against viruses and bacteria. (
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