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ring of ire: edmonton\'s clogged southwest henday fires up drivers

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
It is paved with concrete, asphalt and good intentions, but the southwest section of Anthony Henday Drive is often a highway to commuting to hell.
Traffic jams there are usually worse than the rest of Hendy\'s, those ties
Ups will let the batsman hit the ball a day ago.
What can be done to mitigate the eye nails twice a day, when will Alberta Transportation get the answer to the first question and can only guess on the second question.
But we\'re talking about Henday, so let\'s take it easy.
A little context is necessary.
The southwest section of the Edmonton loop, also known as the 216 provincial highway, spans 25 kilometers, from the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Calgary Trail in the South to Yellowhead Trail in the north. It’s a four-
Lane splitting road built on the basis of old design, bidding, construction mode;
Therefore, the province operates and maintains it, unlike the other three by 30-
Construction and maintenance contract for P3 years.
When it\'s the last eight-
On 2006, the driver of Edmonton was excited, despite being-
Traffic lights and intersections.
On a serious loop, the lights should always be temporary, but the southwest part of the city is fully engaged in a massive construction boom --
The residential and commercial sectors are developing rapidly.
Traffic is faster than expected.
\"The forecast at the time of construction is between 2002 and 2006, and the forecast at the time of opening is lower (than actual)
Bill vandermere, project manager, said.
\"In that area, the development of the Southwest is generally faster than we predicted when we first looked at it about 10 years ago.
\"Even in the first few years, there was not a lot of this road.
So even four
The split Lane looks like it will last for a long time.
Once it gets there, it triggers a lot of development with these neighboring communities, and then just guesses about the rate of housing inflows and how traffic flows have increased.
\"We\'re making predictions, but we don\'t have a crystal ball, so we\'re making the best estimates.
\"In 2001, these forecasts required 40,000 cars per day by 2020.
This threshold was broken in 2009.
During the rush hour, traffic lights caused traffic jams and setbacks.
In the evening, the semi-driver hit the Jack brake as the engine slowing, and stopped because of the red light;
The nearby residents were troubled by the height of the noise, which was bad enough during the rush hour.
The legislature regularly raised the issue of traffic and noise in the southwest.
The federal and provincial governments ended up spending more taxpayers\' money in exchange, and on November everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.
When the last light, the light in Cameron Heights was removed and the road was freeflowing.
It\'s slippery and fast.
In normal traffic, you can cross the entire southwest section in less than 20 minutes with the speed limit of posting.
It is convenient and has 10 locations in and out from stem to stern.
The drivers were all confused.
On November, jeeprock wrote on Twitter: \"From time to time, I decided to drive along the 50 th Street during peak hours to remind me why I love Anthony Hendy . \". 28, 2011.
On the same day, Alison Anderson also expressed her love and wrote on Twitter: \"Just drive in the new place of @ anthhenday!
It\'s like a new sock day.
Four years later, Henday in the southwest is no longer like a new pair of socks, but more like an underwear.
Obvious discomfort.
In fact, the most common pronunciation of it is \"hen @ % Henday \".
\"People trapped in rush hour have the opportunity, the motivation, the means, so they bombard social media platforms with their own frustration, and sometimes bomb roaring solutions.
They laughed at the stupidity of building a highway with only two lanes in each direction, and pointed out that part of 170 Street had three lanes on each side.
They mean quasi.
Permanent radar position for slow camera
The shy driver crawled, lamenting the pinch of Gateway Avenue. , 111th St. and Calgary Tr.
Within a few kilometers, all the people got off at Henday.
Some spires are reserved for those who try to merge at a speed of 70 km/h or 150 km/h, inevitably leading to accidents, which, as far as the eyes see, can hinder traffic.
\"Personally, it makes me feel like it\'s a very successful path because everyone wants to get on that path.
This is the path of choice, I think.
\"We have not built such a wide road. they have never been congested.
We had a few hours of early rush hour and a few hours of late rush hour.
The road works well most of the time.
\"The road is designed to accommodate two more lanes in each direction, 40,000-
The vehicle threshold should trigger the second timestage widening.
Now, there are 70,000 cars a day in some sections of Southwest Hendy.
It has been a long time before moving forward.
\"We are now looking at which sections in the southwest are priorities for adding lanes, whether it\'s the entire section we\'re going to do first or a specific section between intersections, Van der Mill said.
The department will make a recommendation to evaluate with all other projects and then prioritize.
\"If interest rates are high in the process, it will be faster,\" Van del Mill said . \".
\"Compared to other projects, the location of this project is the comparison we are doing now.
\"Drivers at rush hour are clearly exhausted by all sorts of stimuli, but MLA Thomas Dang, southwest of Edmonton, said in just four months of work, the only Henday he heard from voters was related to road noise.
District 5 MP Michael o\'shri also expressed this view.
A noise attenuation wall can be built at a cost of $1.
5 million kilometres per kilometer, but neither the city nor the province considered funding it because the average traffic noise level was slightly lower than the threshold of 65 decibels for the city\'s bylaws.
\"It\'s expensive,\" said Oshry . \".
\"It would cost about $100 million to build a wall around Hendy for all the blocks of the city.
Even then, this wall may help those who are back on the road, but the noise sometimes goes over the wall and it skips a block and goes in.
There is something that the province can do because it is their responsibility, but they will not do it until the decibel reaches 65 decibels.
\"He also does not expect the province to move quickly in terms of expansion.
\"They are still trying to finish Henday on the other side of town,\" he said . \" He refers to the northeast round, which will be completed in 2016.
\"I think with the revenue challenges that the province will face, I don\'t expect them to take any action on that in the short term.
\"The city is developing.
We must continue to build infrastructure to cope with population growth.
However, we will not find a way out from growth and traffic problems;
People will have to realize that we are now in a larger city, and it will take longer everywhere as the population increases and the light rail moves around.
O\'shri, who often drives to Southwest Hendy, said he was \"surprised\" by how busy he was there \".
\"I always want to know where the traffic comes from.
When they built the road, the province really didn\'t seem to have foreseen the development of the city, especially at the end of that city, so the volume of transactions in the province was more than expected.
That\'s what the Loop does.
They draw traffic from other channels, and congestion construction is faster than others, which puts pressure on infrastructure.
There is no doubt that the province\'s predictions are inaccurate.
But Van der Mael said he would not make a different decision at the planning stage.
\"We have traffic forecasts;
How long will this road take before we need to widen it.
If we build a six
The lane-separated road was almost empty for 10 years and it was not a good money to spend.
\"With the development of these blocks, there is a way to broaden the road in the future to provide more capacity.
We don\'t have any plans.
It\'s just a matter of time.
According to figures, Hendy\'s total expenditure was $4.
3 billion-the cost to date is $1.
81 billion-$1 northeast leg.
42 billion-Northwest leg $0. 577 billion-Southwest leg $0. 493 billion-Southeast leg starts on July 2012-scheduled to open on October 2016
P3-27 kilometers of roads in the capital city Link Group, 47 bridges, 9 interworking bridges, 2 flyovers, s8 track crossing, started on September 2008 and completed on November 2011
Annual pavement29 P3-Northwestconnect general Partnership21 km bridge structural S8 interchanges4 flyovers2 rail crossingsSouthwestStarted 2000 complete 2011 conventional design, tender, build25 km pavement5 interchanges7 bridgesSoutheastStarted April 2005 completed October 30, 2007-
In P3, the 11-kilometer sidewalk has 24 bridges and five interchanges. the 4-Bridge No. 1 railway passes through the ring line around Anthony Hendaye. Anthony Hendy Lane will be free when builtFlow roadway.
It\'s a big deal for Edmonton and Alberta, but it\'s a small thing compared to the world\'s longest loop.
Here is a sample: 1,332 km-1 highway-2-6 ring road-10 kilometers around Beijing, China-German highway-Berlin, germany188-M25-London neighborhood, England158-Nehru Outer ring-Hyderabad neighborhood, India142--118-Holy left and right
St. Petersburg, Russia, Houston, Texas, Interstate 435, Kansas City, Kansas City, 8 kilometers
100-10 kilometers around Seoul, South Korea-around Sydney rail network-around Sydney, 10 kilometers around Moscow, Russia-MKAD, the following are Canadian competitors: the highway in the 90 km range-within 70 kilometres of winnipeni-around the Calgary Heath concrete-is clearly the specific answer. A 14-
Km section of Anthony Hendy Lane Southwest between Calgary Tr. and Lessard Rd.
Covered with Portland concrete pavement panels, about 12,000 of them.
This is the first time in Alberta that concrete pavement is so widely used, most likely the last.
\"We are not going to push it anywhere else,\" said Bill Van der Mill, Alberta transport program manager . \".
\"My best description of this is how you know we\'re a little innovative if you don\'t try.
\"Inspired by Interstate Highways in Wyoming and Montana, the province opened its bid on the section leading to concrete and asphalt paving companies, in part to promote competition between industries.
However, the cold temperature shortens the construction season of the concrete, and the freezing temperature has the potential to destroy the entire pavement. “I think the (concrete)
The industry is aware that competition is difficult (with asphalt).
If we were in New Mexico, it might be fine.
In Alberta, competing with asphalt to build concrete roads is a bit of a problem.
\"In 2012, just six years after the installation, some cracked and broken panels were repaired or replaced, while some complete panels were injected with a high density polyurethane foam below to level.
Maintenance costs are $6 million and traffic is frequently interrupted during a calendar year.
Van del mill called the repair a \"maintenance cycle\" and did not have to repeat it for 20 years.
\"It\'s been waiting long enough to see where the problem areas are, fix them at once and then disappear.
\"He believes the concrete experiment is successful, based on a forecast of maintenance costs over 30 monthsTime frame.
\"I would say, it turns out that this will eventually save us money.
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