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Reasons And Causes of Insomnia- Is Your Insomnia

by:Qihao      2020-09-19
Making yourself and your sleeping quarters extra comfortable may be all you need to break out of your insomnia. An investment of just a few hundred dollars can be the difference of sleeping soundly all night or tossing and turning. If sleeplessness is a problem, start thinking outside the box to analyze the causes of insomnia. Look at your bed and bedding fabrics. Chances are, they are not up to par and one of the reasons for insomnia. Would a king or queen living in a palace sleep like this? In this modern age we have the advantage of driving to the mall, shelling out a few bucks and creating a comfortable environment fit for royalty. Beds, Pillows and Blankets Sometimes something as simple as replacing your old, flat pillow can improve your sleep habits dramatically. If you're willing to invest $50 or more, one insomnia solution may be a goose-down pillow -- generally considered the best and most comfortable type of pillow. There are good options other than goose down pillows, such as specialty pillows for side or back sleepers. Take your time in the store to find the right insomnia solution for you. One of the big reasons for insomnia may be the lack of firmness of your bed. If you believe this as one of the causes of insomnia, consider upgrading to a higher quality mattress, especially if the one that's contributing to your sleeplessness is old and/or saggy. If a mattress is out of your price range, a cheaper insomnia solution would be buying a comfortable mattress topper. Like pillows, a goose down mattress topper would be the best choice, but the NASA inspired 'memory foam' is quickly becoming the topper of choice for many. Memory foam is known to conform to your body shape. Blankets and bed sheets can also be one of the reasons for insomnia. Are you waking up in a sweat, or too cold? You may be awakening unnecessarily at night to adjust your blankets and/or sheets, only to find you cannot fall back asleep. Blankets and sheets come in a variety of fabrics, softness and thicknesses. As a general rule of thumb, the more you spend the more comfortable the blankets and sheets will be. Finally an overlooked consideration as to the causes of insomnia. How often do you wash your sheets, blankets and pillow tops? There is nothing like the feel or smell of freshly washed fabric against your body. One possible insomnia solution is to get in the habit of washing your bedding frequently. When it comes to bed accessories, keep in mind that you generally get what you pay for. Trust me, avoid the $5 or $10 cheapies! Also look for weekly 50% off sales (or Buy 1/Get 1 Free offers). Kohl's and JC Penny are two excellent places that frequently have these types of sales. Your Room Environment Now let's focus on another room related issue that may be one of the reasons for insomnia. Are you uncomfortable at night because your room is too cold or too warm? Without really realizing it, poor room climate may be one of the underlying causes of insomnia. Next time you toss and turn, ask yourself: Does this room feel comfortable? If not, try adjusting your room temperature as needed. If you're renting a room or finances deter you from making cooling or heating adjustments for the entire home, consider investing in a single room heater or small fan. Make sure that either one has several adjustable settings and that the fan is quiet. Though the causes and reasons for insomnia may be more complex than just a comfortable bed and bedroom, improving the quality of your bedding and environment can be a worthwhile insomnia solution. With the exception of purchasing a higher quality mattress, upgrading your bedding should not set you back too much financially. Why not sleep like royalty tonight?
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