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rarefaction of skin capillaries in normotensive offspring of individuals with essential hypertension

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
Background: the scarcity of skin capillaries in patients with intermittent critical hypertension suggests that primary or early abnormalities may be earlier than episodes of persistent hypertension.
Objective: to compare the skin capillary density of subjects with and without a family history of hypertension.
Subjects: 21 individuals with normal blood pressure, one or both of their parents with high blood pressure (mean age 39. 3 years;
Blood pressure 124/79 Hg);
Blood pressure normal control of 21 patients without family history of hypertension (age 46. 3 years;
Blood pressure 124/78 Hg).
Methods: Before and after 60mm Hg venous blockage, the skin of the back of the finger was examined with a living capillary microscope for two minutes.
Results: by ANOVA, both baseline and maximum skin capillary density of subjects with a family history of hypertension were lower than those without family history (
Baseline: 67 v 79 capillary tubes per Field, p = 0. 008;
Maximum: 74 v 93 capillary tubes per Field, p
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