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practical traveler; for gift-givers: gadgets, guides

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
Bessie vardenov
The most attractive gift for travelers this year is out of place: hand-made leather backpacks for animal-shaped children.
Grandparents are most likely to be tempted by packaging because they are not cheap: $54 owl and $76 frog.
The leather zoo, designed by Sandy Vohr in northern New York, includes two animals with zippered mouths (
Frogs and mice)
Owls and elephants.
The creatures are sold in crafts and luggage shows in the East as well as telephone and mail order.
About $6 for shipping and handling fees.
Leather zoo in Sandy Wall, located at 1400 schnektardy Street, NYY. ; (518)377-2910.
For real animals on the roadL.
Beans provide hard-
The fabric food bowl prepared for dogs can be folded flat and can accommodate two and a half quarts.
In the waterproof polyester duck, there is an eight-inch-
The bottom is square, 5 inch high.
When the bowl contains food or water, open the mouth.
Regular models in red or royal blue cost $16.
Between meals, the internal lanyard is closed and dry dog food can be stored for $20. Shipping is $3. 95. L. L.
Beans, Liberty Harbor, Me. 04033; (800)221-4221.
There is a legal bid for the carrying space of the two items
There is a shabby, unbreakable Thermos on the luggage, with a pint of hot and cold liquid and a rolled-up bed pillow.
Japanese-made hot water bottle Nissan brushed stainless steel, plastic-
Lining Cup as top.
Thermos bottles cost $50 at Barson Hardware, 35 44 West Street, New York. Y. 10036; (212)944-8181.
Latex Foam Pillow-to-
Go, 14 by 13 inch, with a washable cotton zip cover, rolled into a tube of 3 inch and a half in diameter, closed with Velcro strips.
This is a convenient solution for those who don\'t care about re-use aviation pillows or are allergic to pillows in the hotel.
The price is $19. 95 plus $4.
95 Conn International transport and handling at No. 20, ansonya West Street, kangzhou. 06401; (800)528-3987.
The gorgeous Crow map of the United States is too big to be used on cars or planes;
They are the best on the wall.
Texas is 46 by 50 inch and Florida is almost the same because panhandle is still connected together.
Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island are put together on a 32-by-36 inch piece of paper.
Balances vary: most are 1:500, 000, or 8 miles to inches. These fine-
Art Relief Map Three-
Size, their land profile rendered from low color
From green to topof-the-White mainland.
The company adds up to 38 states a year.
According to the size, some are provided separately, while others are provided with neighboring small states;
Tennessee and Missouri have two new ones this year.
On plain paper, each map is $25;
They are $45.
A map of 48 states lower, 37 by 58 inch, $40 for regular paper, $60 for lamination.
Shipping costs roll from $5;
For those in panic
Delivery will cost $25 on the same day.
For information or directories, please contact Raven Maps, Box 850, Medford, Ore. 97501; (800)237-0798.
Advertising for all glasses
The wearer knows that it is critical to carry a second pair when you are abroad, so as not to lose or damage the first pair.
I put a spare pair of shoes in my suitcase as protection, but I\'m still worried about how they can come out of a devastating blow.
Tecvision offers everything the eyes need, a metal glasses case covered in leather with the necessary repair kit: Micro screwdriver and screw, micro magnifying glass, replacement nose armor, cleaning spray and microfibre cleaning cloth.
Not a romantic gift, but a good sock for a long travel partner.
The Travelsmith catalog sells ads for $15 and costs $3. 75.
Travelsmith: Novato, California, mail box 572994948; (800)950-1600.
A new bedside gadget meets three needs: flashlight, night light and digital alarm clock with decent
In case the VCR is too far, the size of the number.
This black plastic device, 2 inch by 3-
When closed, 1 inch of the coins were called Night Owl travel time by the manufacturer of Lumatec in Austin, Texas.
It has the usual operating requirements: two AA batteries, one AG watch battery for the clock and one Krypton bulb for lighting.
You can buy extra bulbs with it.
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Directory of mail box 5485 Magellan, Santa Barbara, California, (800)962-
4943 for $29. 85, plus $4. 95 shipping.
Travelsmith bought it for $32. 50, plus $4. 95 shipping; (800)950-1600.
It\'s $32 in Basen. 98.
For skiers who care about wax and temperature, and kids who like a bunch of gadgets that sway from their backpacks, sporting goods stores, including sporting goods stores in the eastern mountains, all sell zippersThis shiny two-
Inch label with plastic coating and ring display temperature from-
20 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
For people with superior vision, the back shows a grid of wind speed, temperature and cold factors.
It costs $4 at the E store. M. S.
61 streets and Broadway in New York. While E. M. S.
Without a catalog, it will tell the caller which store is closest; (888)463-6367.
Comfortable feet are possible for both adults and children, and there are two products that are easy to pack. For grown-
Ups and Peapod slippers from a new company in Seattle make you look like you\'re wearing smooth pumpernickel bread.
The sole is thick and soft, and there is a lot of room for maneuver for the cold toes.
There are several sizes of adults;
The left and right feet are the same.
Colorful fabrics can be seen on the Internet. peapod-seattle. com.
At the Bloomingdale restaurant in New York, a pair is $35.
Peapod, 2401 Avenue South, Utah, Suite 525, Seattle, Washington state. 98134; (888)732-7637.
For kids, the Oak of Lewiston, Maine, makes the Versa coat of Polartec stretch socks slip-free
Navy fabric with colored marine life printed on the sole.
Sports in the eastern mountains, they are $13. 50 a pair.
Size is KS, KM, KL and KXL for small kids.
For transport experts and passengers on frequent flights, the 1998 airport transport guide, issued by Salk International, has just appeared.
Version 17 provides data from 434 airports around the world, including the phone number of the shuttle bus service, the fare for ordinary taxis, the brand of car rental and the information on rapid transportation.
The current publisher of small 144-
Page Salk says he has revised 4,000 pieces of information since last year\'s release.
I rarely travel without this book, and I do regret the last trip: Catalog information denies having a list of Gallatin fields or any airports in Bozman, Monte.
The shipping guide costs $9.
Magellan\'s postage includes £ 95 :(800)962-4943.
For information about purchasing 25 or more copies, please contact Salk International at Sunset Beach, California, P. O. box 1388. 90742; fax (714)373-5224.
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