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Positions To Get Pregnant - Is it True Or Not

by:Qihao      2020-09-20
Although there are no real studies conducted to back up this claim, a lot can attest to its validity. Many people have said there are particular positions in sex that are better than others when you are trying to conceive a baby. So what are the best positions to get pregnant? The missionary position or the man-on-top position is probably the most mentioned position when it comes to getting a successful conception. The reason for the apparent success is because it allows for the deepest penetration during sex. This helps deposit the sperm closest to the cervix and in turn makes the 'target' closer to hit. Although the sperm can stay inside a woman's body for up to 48 hours, the egg can only be fertile for 12 hours. That is why the closer the sperm is, the faster it can fertilize the egg. Other positions to get pregnant are the doggy-style or the man from behind and the spoon position or the side-by-side position. Both these styles allow for deep penetration as well as the missionary position. The doggy-style is also recommended for women who have a tipped uterus. Uncommon sexual positions like the 'scissors' or 'living on the edge' can also be considered for baby making as they use the same concept as the aforementioned positions. They use deep penetration and gravity to help the sperm travel to its destination faster and easier. These however are for the more adventurous couples but if you want to try them, they are considered good positions to get pregnant. Even if this has nothing to do with the best positions to get pregnant, a lot of experts suggest limiting movements after having sex. This is to avoid the possibility of the semen leaking out of the vagina. There are also others that suggest you stick a pillow under your pelvis. This makes the semen 'get inside' faster. Although, it is the cervical mucus that helps transport the sperm to the egg, letting gravity help in the process does not really hurt. Also, avoid douching or washing your vagina right after intercourse. Try to wait for at least 20 minutes before you do that. One has to remember that any sexual position can cause a successful conception. However, positions that require sitting and standing may cause the semen to leak out as well. The woman-on-top is also not an optimal sexual position to conceive. Despite the many positions to get pregnant, remember that enjoying is still more important. Having sex to conceive should never be considered a task or a chore.
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