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pope francis kills 3 hours milling around atlanta airport during layover to d.c.

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
Pope Francis reportedly looked at various travel pillows and support pads while browsing Brookstone in Hall D, where he killed three hours on Monday near Hartsfield --
Jackson International Airport during a stopover in Washington, DCC.
\"I was going to get something at Panda Express, but then I thought that since I had so much time, I \'d better go to the next hall and see the food options there,\" said the pastor of Christ, he confirmed that he sat at the dining table in the food court for 20 minutes.
Watch before strolling through terminals and windows-
Shop at the headphone center, sunglasses icon and Savannah Candy Kitchen.
\"I will definitely watch Hudson News before the flight takes off, take a bottle of water, and maybe a bag of military numbers or a bar.
The new Clive Kassler\'s book also looks good, so I might pick it up on the plane to read.
According to media reports, sources confirmed that Pope Francis had forgotten the time and was frantically flying through the terminal.
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