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polyurethane foam pica in a patient with excessive interdialytic weight gain

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
Abstract: due to the adverse effects of excessive weight gain between dialysis, it is important to maintain the fluid balance of hemodialysis patients.
This usually requires Fluid limits that patients often struggle.
We reported a 31-year-
Elderly women with diabetes receive hemodialysis, and despite fluid restriction and dry weight adjustment, weight gain between dialysis is repeated.
Later it was found that she designed an unusual strategy to eat polyurethane foam from the dialysis chair, although unsuccessful, while increasing the intake of liquid, hoping that it would absorb excess water in the intestinesThis under-
It is reported that there is a diagnostic phenomenon known as pica in kidney patients, containing substances such as ice, clay and baking soda.
There is no competitive interest.
Obtain patient consent.
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