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Pillows Can Provide Support and Relief For Hot Heads

by:Qihao      2020-07-26
Foam memory pillows use a material created of synthetic polyurethane that was originally developed by NASA over 30 years ago. This material aided in supporting astronauts when G-forces were causing additional pressures to the body. These G-forces were of great concern for NASA engineers and administration as they sought for ways to protect their pilots. After about 20 years, the technology was adapted for more commercialized applications for the end consumer. Foam products like pillows, mattresses and mattress toppers were developed to help support the body and relieve pressure points during sleep cycles. A standard pillow provides minimal support and loses shape as you toss and turn throughout the night. The principles of pressure and conformity to the body during sleep were similar to what the astronauts had to deal with so this memory foam concept was a unique solution to the same problem for restless sleepers. This special memory foam allows the contours of the neck and head to be matched within the pillow and offers more support during sleep. With every move, the foam provides a perfect fit to ensure maximum comfort and adjusts with you. In addition, some people prefer a cool pillow for a more restful sleep experience. There body temperature at night becomes too hot and causes undue restlessness. A product called the Iso-Cool memory foam pillow offers the owner the best of both worlds. By using a material that stays cool at night over top of a foam memory pillow, the product provides a way to address both issues and has become a very popular product.
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