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Pillows Are More Than Just a Place to Lay Your Head

by:Qihao      2020-08-04
Pillows have come a long way from the hay filled sacks they started out as. In addition to being a practical and comfortable resting place for your head, these days you can get pillows with all sorts of colorful designs and decorative accents that can give a bedroom the feel that a luxury decorator did a makeover of even the plainest of rooms. And it doesn't just have to be the bedroom either. Unique throw pillows are a wonderful way to liven up any living space. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors that will match any décor and can really make that tired old sofa pop. As mentioned though, pillows are much more than pretty pads. They have become an invaluable tool in the treatment and prevention of many of the conditions that the body, in particular the spine, are prone to experiencing, even as we lay asleep and supposedly relaxed. For example, the lumbar knee pillow can be used to relieve knee, hip and lower back pain. Placing it between your knees, it works by helping to keep the spine in alignment, which in turn relieves any pressure and discomfort, allowing you to have a comfortable nights sleep. Similarly, pillows that provide back and neck support are designed to, well, support these areas so that the muscles are not working over time all night to keep your spine aligned. Again, this ensures a relaxing night and leaves you feeling more refreshed in the morning. Memory foam is used to create most of these pain relieving and preventing types of pillows. Made from a material designed by NASA, it molds to the body, providing more support where the body is cold and relieving pressure where it feels warmer. The memory part of the name is just as it suggests, it will adapt to these pressure areas whichever position you are in, aligning your spine and relaxing your muscles. You can purchase either a memory foam wedge, a triangle shape that can be placed anywhere under the body to relieve pressure and in many cases prop you up. This makes it very helpful for a number of conditions including snoring, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and any sort of breathing difficulties. Or you can get a pillow top mattress pad that goes on the top of your mattress and relaxes your whole body as you sleep. In most cases you can find all of these types of pillows in your local bedding store or there are plenty of places online that supply them too. They are excellent in preventing and relieving problems and giving you a more restful night sleep but if you have any consistent health problems it is always recommended that you visit your doctor also.
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