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pillow recommendation

by:Qihao      2019-09-04
Right? ! ?
Is BHB working on Thursday?
The garage/spare bathroom/attic is on fire.
The cleaner threw away our pillows. Blah blah blah.
Buy new insurance.
Need a pillow.
We already have a new mattress.
I will never leave it)(
A glimmer of hope for this disaster)
I\'m a back sleeper and hate every pillow I used.
My neck hurts all the time.
When we got married, we bought a $100 pillow from BBBY.
Cool the gel, super memory foam and more. Hated it.
What pillow do you use?
I don\'t want the same thing as me.
Side issue: They threw everything away.
How do we start to decide what to replace?
Has anyone experienced it?
I threw away all the cosmetics?
Every toy of my 2yos was thrown away.
Basically anything that is not metal, ceramic or steel is tilted.
It\'s so strange to start over.
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