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Pep up Your Vacation Rentals With These Tips

by:Qihao      2020-09-23
With today's economy, almost every American wants to get a bang for their buck. And 'cherry picking' vacation rentals are no exception. How do you upgrade your vacation rental property to make it stand-out from the lot? How do you make your property attract business that will attract repeat business and finally make more businesses through referrals? Here are a couple of tips: 1. Fresh paint. Based on questionnaires, most holiday makers like freshly painted homes. But fresh pain won't cut it anymore. Color is important too. Color gives warmth and identity to your space. It also gives a tinge of comfort and a homey feeling. 2. Rugs can easily change a room's appeal. It adds pattern and color; life and definition, especially in very open areas. It can also hide delineated spaces and hide floor impurities. 3. Adding a bit of variety to your vacation rental's lighting can make a big difference. Dimmer switches give an option to your guests: whether it's for reading, games or setting up the mood for a romantic dinner or movie - this gives them the chance to personalize their experience. 4. If it's time for your mattresses to be replaced, pick a high-quality, reasonably firm mattress without a pillow top. To get the softness right, it is suggested that you add a down feather bed or a memory foam top. This investment will also save you money in the long run. It is also advisable to purchase a full-sized bed instead of a twin (if you have space for it). 5. Mattresses are important, but let's not forget the sheets and pillows that complete the bed scene. Keep in mind that vacation rentals are competing against hotel rooms, so better get sheets and pillows that would look good on the bed and feel great to your customers. In shopping for sheets, be sure to get a 400 thread-count or better items. On the other hand, pillows should have variety in terms of softness and shape. Pillow cases should also vary in color and at the same time should also be complementary with the sheet and other pillow cases. 6. There are also a few other extras that you can add that would mean a lot to the ordinary holidaymaker. People of today travel with back-packs and don't bring much stuff along. Adding robes, two sets of towels, liquid soap and hand lotions, ironing boards and other extras would mean a lot to your guests.
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