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penthouses at 35,000ft: fed up with cattle class? money to burn? book yourself an airline suite in the sky that takes luxury to new heights

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
If you can afford to fire first class and choose your own sky loft, then there is a whole new meaning to live a life of upper class.
These private suites are unique and are available only by a small number of commercial airlines.
And those who do keep trying to reach the new level of luxury.
Holly Willoughby coughed 19,000 when flying back to England from Australia after showing ITV\'s I\'m a Celebrity. . .
Get me out!
Nestled in the third of Etihad Airlines
Guest room suite with private bathroom.
This week, British Airways launched its club suite, offering a sliding door for maximum privacy for business class passengers.
TV, vanity and more than 40 storage space.
So, if comfort is essential, money is not an object, what can you expect in 35,000 of the place. . .
Ideal for a couple as two suites can be connected to a huge studio apartment with double beds (
Rose petals scattered around the benddown)
A pair of premium leather recliners in Texasbased Aeristo.
You\'ll be on a giant Airbus A380 that will ease the flow of air, so there won\'t be a drop of water splashing on the plane.
There is a suitable hanging cupboard and enough yoga space before you sneak into a pair of Jim
The French luxury brand Lalique offers jam.
There was a TV at the end of the bed and another on the wall. Bose noise-
Canceling the headset is a standard configuration.
If you book your main course 24 hours before the flight, you can pick a signature dish from the celebrity chef roster.
Return to Singapore from London, Singapore Airlines 8,236.
AIWAYS comETIHAD: a butler opens CHARMHolly Vero to stay at the top of Etihad-of-the-
Range penthouse, residence, \"only three-
Room suites on business routes.
The private bathroom comes with a shower, which is the most attractive.
Two-person suite with Savoy Hotel-trained butler. The chef (
Usually Michelin.
Star voucher)
Will discuss what tastes may be appropriate when you fly from one continent to the next.
The skinny traveler won\'t catch a cold on a 6-foot 10 bed and you\'ll get your own mini drink instead of ordering a drink
Bars near apartment 32 inchscreen TV.
Obviously this bed has the best Egyptian cotton sheets and to help you get a good sleep there is a menu of pillow mist and pulse --point oils.
When your bed is packed, the flight attendant leaves a note on the pillow, which is usually a sentence from the American children\'s writer Dr. Seuss.
What you particularly like is: \"Oh, what you can find if you don\'t stay.
Back in Sydney from London, etihad was from £ 16,550.
Kangri Airlines: premium cuisine and luxury suites are not as big as other aviation suites, but the wood trim and attentive staff will make a lasting impression.
Available on the airline\'s Boeing 777-
300ER route, 6-foot 6 bed in Suite and customized
Mattresses and pillows.
Mattress can be flipped;
Depending on your preference, one side is a hard surface and the other side is soft.
Female passengers are provided with a cleanser, toner and moisturizing mask from Cle de Peau beauty, while male guests receive a special-ageing (
The idea of this Japanese company is \"we like to discover beauty and share it \").
Try kaiseki dinner (
More traditional Japanese
Premium cuisine)
You will be picked up by the driver before you know it.
Return to Tokyo from London for £ 6,524 from the UK. jal. co.
Gravity sleep inspired by NASAStand --
First-class jewelry from the largest airline in the UAE.
The bed can be moved to the center of the suite with privacy doors from floor to ceiling.
There is a shower that you share (the horror! )
First with the other-
Recently, in addition to the Bulgari series lotion and potions, they also launched the Byredo \"travel health\" kit.
The rulers of the UAE may be pessimistic about alcohol, but there is an impressive open-air bar.
Currently, Chateau Cheval Blanc 2004 (
Street price: more than 300)
Very good drink
Bed can be placed in \"zero\" position
Inspired by NASA technology, the \"gravity\" position gives a sense of loss to get better sleep.
If your suite is in the middle aisle, you will get \"virtual windows\" that project the view from the outside with real windowstime cameras.
Return to Melbourne from London and 7,674 from Emirates.
ComQANTAS: The longest bed in the sky you don\'t have a privacy door or chef to personalize your meal, but you will see high walls in your seat, space in the sky and the longest bed
6ft 11in when fully deployed.
As sleep approached, a flight attendant prepared the bed with a foam mattress, sheepskin covering and a \"pillow menu.
Press the Do Not Disturb button and you can leave.
\"Your space has an Ottoman so you can host a companion in the suite,\" the airline said . \".
Return to Sydney from London starting at £ 7,709.
The world\'s largest aircraft, the Airbus A380, can accommodate 525 passengers, but book a suite on the upper floor and you hardly need to see another soul.
There are slippers, pajamas, Armani and Dior face bags in the drawers of the wardrobe.
Table for Two diners
Alternatively, you can go to the lounge and bar described as \"sanctuary in the Sky\" and light up with a huge chandelier.
If you are a family of four, \"four\" can be configured to create an open-
Plan the living room before returning to four private suites.
Return from London to Doha from £ 5.
095, qatarways.
ComAIR, France: the standardsyou hotel suites Paris features soft leather, suede lint, wood and metal finishes.
Memory Mattress (
It uses the heat of your body to shape your shape)
The soft duvet and bedside lamp make you feel like you are in a hotel in Paris.
No shower, but you have your own bathroom, after the shower
Bernardaud\'s plate is served with caviar and wine from a bevelled wine glass.
Suite with floor-to-
Ceiling curtains for privacy with magnetic closure.
Return to Los Angeles from London, spend the night in Paris, £ 6,304 from Air France. co.
These penthouse apartments are called Kosmo Suites 2. 0 —
40,000 star hotel.
Passengers can see the outside from the inside from the wall, but no one can see the inside. In-
Flight \"comfort clothing\" was designed by Gianfranco Ferre
Fashion architect.
When you wake up, the lights in the cabin will gradually turn on and give your eyes time to adjust.
Return to Seoul from London for £ 7,758 from Korean Airlines.
British Airways: mini bedroom suites this week, BA introduced Club suite seats for business travelers with mini sliding doors to protect privacy, to be launched on the carrier\'s new A350 aircraft in October
From London to Toronto, from London to Dubai was the first route.
Maybe the use of the \"suit\" is cheeky: Apartment
For 6-foot-6 passengers, the seat of the bed is long enough to be more like a small and comfortable enclosed space.
But they have 18.
Facilities such as TV, WiFi, vanity table with mirror and White Company toiletries are available for guests.
Storage space is also 40 more than the business class customers usually enjoy.
Return to Toronto from London, depart on October 23 and return from ba 1,783 on October 31.
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