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p&m a family affair

by:Qihao      2019-09-05
Is Father\'s Day Sunday?
For that perfect gift, we have a good choice for sale --
Save you money too!
Why don\'t you start the celebration and treat dad as a kind old man
Cooking in a real community agency?
P & M Restaurant: P & M has been a part of Weston town since 1970.
Around the corner of Lawrence AvenueW. And Weston Road.
The humble little restaurant was opened by Peter and Mike, the original owner, and the name of the restaurant was named after them.
Of course, 20-
Seating area of approximately 450 square feet
Thousands of food fly out of there every week.
Packed but comfortable, the staff welcomed customers like their own family.
In fact, this restaurant is the dream of old George kalimaris.
He immigrated from Greece in early 1960 and has kept it at home since then.
George passed the business on to his son Frank, who was in 2001 with his wife Nikki and his son George (
Third generation P & M chef)
I once dreamed of expanding this paradise in Weston.
After years of hard work and determined determination, P & M recently moved to the loftier dormitory in the south several doors.
Great new location
Over 3,300 square feet with 120 seats and a private event space and liquor license.
There is a bar at one end of the restaurant, and the new kitchen has a variety of chefs and staff.
There is even a special dessert area.
\"But it\'s still about the family,\" Frank said . \".
\"I work with my wife, Niki and my children Peter, Katerina and George . . . . . . We are very proud to be an important part of this community.
\"P & M is known for its big hali fish and fresh fries, but also for its souvlaki dinner and vintage favorites like meatloaf and baby beef liver dishes.
The town of Weston went through some great moments and some were not very good, Frank added.
\"It was once considered the West End of Yorkville.
But then big-
The box store came in and the business started moving and closing.
Now, thanks to the new Renaissance
The new GO train is coming and the new Humber River Hospital is nearby --
The enterprise is back;
People embrace their community again.
\"We have always believed in our community and the community has always believed in us.
We plan to stay here for a long time.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks-
The warm and friendly staff, the perfect service, the abundant portions, the favorite dishes and the price are all the reasons for your return.
P & M are all here!
P & M: 1946 Weston Road(
North of Lawrence Avenue. W. ); Tuesday-Sunday; 416-241-3838416-241-3838. SALEEVENT.
CA: huge sales this time, incredible savings on brand
Name for cosmetics, perfumes, health and beauty, men\'s and women\'s fashion, and household necessities.
Just in time for Father\'s Day!
Save up to 75% discount on Lucano, L\'Oreal, Maybelline, axe, Aveeno, Lulu clear, clean and clear, Old Spice, save up to 80% discount brand perfume by Juicy Couture brand, CK, Nautica, lacoste, boss Hugo, Ralph Lauren, etc.
Look for Hagar clothing, where the price of both men\'s and women\'s clothing is no more than $15, including a wide range of small, large, and high-sized fashions.
Home necessities including decorative carpets, mattress mats, memory foam pillows, RCA digital antennas save a lot of money. SALEEVENT.
June 18-CA warehouse sales:21;
International Center, 6900 Airport Road, Entrance 4; Thursday-Friday, 10 a. m. -8 p. m. ; Saturday, 10 a. m. -6 p. m. ; Sunday, 10 a. m. -5 p. m. ; Saleevent.
CaHUGE shoe warehouse sales: this is a special favorite of the winners of the magic mystery bus competition in last November, they like the quality and price of famous brand footwear, with a retail discount of up to 80%.
The shoes are stylish but the key is comfort! And this year —
There are five times as many brands to choose from.
Cash, Visa and MasterCard, no debit card. All final sales.
Yang GE and Baker Shoes Co. , Ltd.
Warehouse for sale: June 19-No. 88, No. 21 arrow Road(Weston Rd.
And Sheppard Avenue. ); Friday-Sunday, 10 a. m. -5 p. m. ; 416-746-7688416-746-7688; Yengo.
Ca and Bakershoe. ca.
Beautiful brand warehouse sales: from cosmetics and cosmetics to shoes, we are all talking about saving a lot of money
Samples of Crocks and Propet, 7 years for women and 9 years for men.
There are a lot of clothes.
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The list is endless.
US brand warehouse on sale: June 18-
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Harman warehouse sales: from Thursday to Saturday, the names behind excellent home decoration, gifts, tablecloths, bathroom accessories, household items, bathroom accessories, etc. are doing the best sales.
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ASTRO warehouse sales: This sale is perfect for Father\'s Day!
Astro Marketing offers major deals for everything from dress shirts to pants, T-shirts and more
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A golf shirt with a minimum of $5 and a jacket with a minimum of $10.
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Stickers and more retirement sales: They say all the good stuff is over, after more than 30 years of work in the novelty sticker industry, the famous SandyLion stickers and other stickers will soon close their famous doors.
Anyone with children, or school teachers, or those who like to scrap and collect, knows Sandy and Lionel (
Yes, SandyLion behind the real people)
Always offer the most amazing options at excellent prices.
Come in, say hello and goodbye, reserve for the summer!
SANDYLION stickers and more retirement sales: 109 Doncaster Avenue.
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