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One Man's Dreams

by:Qihao      2020-09-24
Thanks to the United States Military, I live under the flag of freedom the American Flag! And my happy self can therefore plan what I wish to do with the rest of my life. Also, I happen to be extremely fortunate in the fact that I have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law, (I consider her my daughter now), and a great relationship with them. My plans are quite simple, but of course one must be prepared in order for them to play out the way I wish them to. The overall conceived arrangement is for this curious organic being to travel through this entire fantastic country, and visit Revolutionary War and Civil War sites, unusual sites, deserts, mountains, valleys, camp under the beautiful stars, the great West, the wonderful South, the corn belt, haunted places, and a huge amount more. The vehicle that will be used must not be too large, have a find-meshed screen that pulls out on the side, and an electrical plug so I can use my laptop computer outside. On the inside, it must have 2 outside lights on the side, and a table that folds out. It must have a/c, heat, power windows, a surround sound music system, am/fm radio, gps, full size spare tire, 4 cell flashlight with lots of batteries, a plug in spot light, battery charger, a video camera on all 4 sides, and a portable tire inflator, In addition; medical supplies, spare gas can, flares, toilet and appropriate paper, a table and 2 chairs, small fridge, bed, blankets, pillow, sheets, a television to play historical and science tapes on, no stove (hot plate only), wash cloths, soap, shaving gear, shampoo, deodorant, clothes, 2 straw hats, a pair of boots, and shoes, wall plugs, 6 gallons of drinking water and health food, fly swatter, sun screen, paper plates, cups, and eating utensils, scissors, survival food, trash can and bags, prescription sun glasses, bug repellant, zip-lock bags, a digital camera and video, and beach blanket. I can enjoy showers in truck stops. It's also imperative that, for my listening and watching pleasure, to bring along Cds of all the Elvis concerts, Secret Agent Man, The Prisoner, WKRP, a couple of others I loved growing up. Also 1950s music, soft swing, big band, classical, and a few other types of music. My favorite classical is Maurice Revels 15 minute version of Bolero. My favorite singer is, of course, Elvis. My favorite actor is Patrick McGoohan. It is also of considerable consequence that, riding along with me, will be lots of books (non-fiction only) --- 95% of them will be about early American history, and several of the sciences. The jumping off point will be way up there in the Northeastern states, and then down the Eastern Seaboard, down into the Florida Keys, West over Alligator Alley, back North through the Shenandoah Valley to the Canadian border, back other words, I'll zigzag across the entire United States in that manner. Being divorced now for about 30 years (cannot find a good woman that will have me), I will give a good shot at locating nice places to dance...I was very lucky at the age of 14 when my mother taught me the basics of most of the ballroom dances. However; because of heart surgery, I can only accomplish the slow ones today I love the waltzes, especially the Blue Danube, and a couple others. It goes without really saying that it is taking one heck of a lot of hours planning all that, and a fair amount of money will be needed. As far as the money part goes, I am also working on that. Yes, I am using up an enormous amount of time and effort to fulfill my ambition, but if it didn't take a lot of effort, it wouldn't be worth the effort in the first place. The above is the ambition, the quest, the desire, the wants, the needs of this 69 year young fact, I have designated them my actual dreams and my destiny! How about you? Are you putting in the time and effort to follow your dreams? If not, do it now today! And then imagine what you could accomplish next!
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