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obama\'s spill recovery chief will be part-time

by:Qihao      2019-09-02
President Barack Obama has portrayed a new future for oil.
The poisoned Gulf Coast will take part. time.
Some environmental activists say the job requires the full attention of people.
The chief of the Navy who oversees 900,000 Navy and Navy personnel, Ray Marbus, inherited the second job of the Obama administration\'s long-term leadership.
Environmental and Economic Planning.
His mission is not just to rebuild a region that is still suffering and plagued by decades of environmental problems after Hurricane Katrina.
Marbus will not resign from the Navy.
President George w. Bush
After Hurricane Katrina, Powell resigned as president of the Federal Deposit Insurance Company.
\"The president and state ministers talked about it and they both agreed that he was able to do both, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said after meeting Obama at the White House Thursday.
This has drawn swift criticism from wildlife defenders who are trying to save animals from oil that has poured out of BP\'s offshore oil well for nearly two months.
\"The idea that he will only work in this section --
\"Time is disturbing,\" said Robert Owen, the organization\'s vice president for conservation programs.
\"If this is the equivalent of a war, as the president said, it needs a completetime general.
\"During his year in charge of the Navy, Marbus called for cleaner, more energy-efficient --Efficient Fleet.
But among the environmental groups that deal with America\'s worst environmental disaster, he is largely unknown. S. history.
In a speech on Tuesday night, Mr. Obama called Mr. marbuss an environmental leader, after which environmental leaders visited and asked each other about their opinions.
\"I don\'t know what it takes to be a Navy commander, but as far as I can tell, he has a good head on his shoulder,\" said Jill marstrototaro, head of the Sierra Club in the Bay Area.
While Mr. Obama chose Mr. mabos as his ally with the Gulf Coast, the wealthy businessman also has economic ties to the oil industry.
Activists want to learn more from the people responsible for helping reshape the coastal economy.
When he joined the Obama administration, energy investment was one of the biggest assets in his portfolio.
Investments of $350,000 to $750,000 were made in partnership transactions for energy commodities such as crude oil and natural gas.
In addition, he holds $15,000 to $51,000 in shares of Exxon oil and a $69,000 energy mutual fund.
Navy spokesman Thomas Oppel said Marbus\'s net worth of millions of dollars sold all his energy reserves after taking office.
The White House did not say exactly what Marbus\'s work was, so it was unclear what impact he had on the future of environmental regulations and economic development policies along the Gulf Coast, two things that could affect the coastal oil industry.
\"In his context, there is nothing that will indicate that he will do anything, except to put the interests of the people of the Gulf first in the completion of this important task, the president is confident in his leadership, White House spokesman Ben LaBolt said.
When elected governor of Mississippi in 1987, Mr. Marbus was one of the Democratic Party\'s upstarts.
As a state auditor, he uncovered the county government\'s corruption and ran for governor under the slogan \"Mississippi will never last again.
But Mr. Marbus has a tight relationship with lawmakers.
In a state with the greatest power of legislators rather than governors, Mr. Marbus saw many of his proposals rejected.
At his urging, lawmakers have expanded the coverage of Medicaid, but other efforts, such as spending more money on early childhood literacy, have never been realized.
In his new job, Marbus must reach a consensus across the region.
There are already signs that are not easy.
Former Republican governor of Anna, Louis
A friend, Romer, said Obama could not choose a better person, \"but the governor of the state of Mississippi, black and Barber, is on Wednesday with a rewind.
\"If this is really what it sounds like ---
That is to say, the federal government will do a long-term
Term plan for the Gulf States-
Then, it\'s a terrible idea, \"said Barbour, who may be the Republican presidential candidate in 2012.
The people of Mississippi will determine the future of Mississippi.
\"Oliver Diaz, who was elected to the Mississippi House member from the Gulf Coast that same year, said that although he grew up in northern Mississippi, nearly 250 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, marbus has established a strong political relationship with the coast, which will help him in his new job.
Marbus is usually friendly but tough, Diaz said.
\"When he had to do so, he exercised the power of the governor\'s office.
This is only part of the job and will also be part of the new position he has been appointed to, \"Diaz said.
\"Whether it\'s an oil company executive or someone affected by the oil spill, he has to exercise some control.
I think he is the one who will control the situation.
\"In his only major environmental decision as governor, Marbus opposed plans to build the world\'s largest pump to drain water in 1989, which angered politically powerful farmers --
The easy-to-use area of the yarzu River basin in rural western Mississippi.
The proposed federal project will destroy sensitive wetlands to help agricultural interests, Mr. Marbus said.
The project has been under discussion for decades, and the EPA finally vetoed a proposal of $0. 22 billion in 2008.
The decision to allow gambling at the Pier Casino along the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast became his unexpected legacy.
Spending millions of dollars on Mississippi\'s budget, but in a state where environmental regulations have historically been weak, the decision allows for widespread development in sensitive coastal areas.
Marbus angered many of his own supporters. -
The key is, including the Legislative Black Caucus. -
The three charity hospitals in Mississippi, which have been taking care of some of the poorest people in the country for decades, have been closed.
He has not recovered politically, losing to outspoken Republican Kirk Fortis in 1991 governor\'s campaign
Verbal contractorDuring the re-
During the campaign, Mr. Marbus received $1,000 from American oil, Shell and Chevron respectively.
What the law allows the most is every one, which is just a small part of the $3 million campaign that has the wider support of bankers and lawyers.
Early supporters of the Arkansas government
Bill Clinton ran for president and Mabus entered the Clinton administration as ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
He is the top athlete in the United States. S.
Oil diplomat
Not long before the deadly Khobar Tower terrorist attacks of 1994 to 1996, the rich country.
After helping Clinton rebuild.
In the election campaign, Marbus withdrew from politics.
But he was publicly watched in 1998 for his divorce from his wife, Julie.
The divorce became a national news because Marbus secretly recorded the conversation between his wife and the priest, capturing her on a tape admitting adultery.
Prior to his appointment as Navy Minister, Mr. Marbus served on the company\'s board of directors and charities.
As CEO of Foamex International
From 2006 to 2007, Marbus led the polyurethane foam products company out of the shadow of bankruptcy.
He has over 4,700 acres of Mississippi woodland worth between $5 million and $25 million.
He was an early supporter of the Obama presidential campaign and supported him in 2007, surprising some political observers because of the past political relationship with Bill Clinton that they had originally expected to see
The political mind is probably the most important aspect of the new job in Marbus.
Steven Peyronnin, executive director of the Alliance for the restoration of coastal Luis Anna states, said that Marbus can quickly learn about environmental issues.
So far, the clean-up has been plagued by criticism that no one is responsible.
Peyronnin says the Coast needs someone who can make a decision and get things done quickly. ------
Pettus reports from Miss Jackson.
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