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nontoxic contoured changing pad? (a rant with an actual question inside)

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
So, I just read this report about how most strollers, car seats, high chairs, nursing pillows and changing pads contain flame retardant polyurethane foamin to get California flammablenotes-
If you click on the link, you will see a photo of 117.
If your foam baby product has this label, it may contain flame retardant.
I really didn\'t change the table.
Instead, I have this change pad, I (usedto)
Because it feels safe.
We attached it to a huge, solid table and we pushed it to the corner of the room.
There\'s no way Kiddo can roll off that jerk.
I think I can \"upgrade\" to \"replacement pad with organic cotton layer\", but it looks like \"coocoon\" with extra layer, which may not really be that good.
While it may take longer, I believe the toxins will still escape.
The study said, \"Over time, flame retardant additives can escape from the product, accumulate in dust, and are the main route to contact humans.
Reaching out to children is a particularly worrying issue because they often have mouth-to-mouth behaviour and have more exposure to the floor.
Exposure to chemical additives in baby products is even more worrying for infants at a very critical stage of development, who have been in close contact with these products for a long time.
\"So, what should I use to change the mat now?
Can I use the old table?
A thick layer of cotton towels was laid)?
He will still be covered on three sides: Me and two walls.
The table extends far in another direction, so he can\'t really roll.
Do you have the \"organic\" replacement pad that you like without the 117 tag?
Or is there a problem with the 116 tag, obviously?
This is stinking.
The more I read, the more I felt that the product I bought to protect my child was poisoning him.
I have a high chair in a box and I haven\'t opened it yet and I plan to come back and change a wooden one.
I can\'t do anything about it except use less car seats (drive less. )
I hate my nursing pillow anyway (
This is a gift)
And have been looking for excuses to get rid of it.
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