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neck pillow hack

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
I bought a memory foam neck pillow from Wal-Mart a few days ago.
I bought a supermarket for only $2, but I hated it almost immediately because it was really stiff.
So I decided to crack it and fill it with memory foam with an old memory foam pillow I lay down.
The required material is simple: I started with the seam ripper at the back of the memory foam neck pillow, right in the part that looks sewn outside.
Then take out the cheap stuffing and save it for another project.
Then I draw the shape of the memory foam neck pillow in the memory foam and cut it with a sharp blade.
After that, I stuck the memory foam in the empty pillow and saw it again.
I wanted to use the zipper after the visit, but I skipped and saw it.
The end result is very good and very comfortable, just like the expensive one sold at the airport.
The time it takes to complete all the steps is about 10 minutes and the result is better than I expected.
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