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my new mattress and pillow smell like chemicals!!

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
So I really don\'t know where to put this on, but I think crunchy moms will have a lot of knowledge about chemicals and organic stuff.
I bought a new mattress, memory foam pillow and sheet/pillowcase/quilt more than a month ago (from walmart).
From the beginning, they all have strong sweetness
Chemical smell, wet and tingling my eyes, itchy skin burns. My DH (dear husband)
Said I was overreacting and there was no problem with the mattress, pillows or sheets, we just had to sleep on them and let them absorb our smell so they wouldn\'t have it again.
He even refused to wash the sheets/blankets/pillowcases for a week because he liked the smell and feel of them.
On the other hand, I am worried because 1.
It\'s been a month since, though, but my eyes are burning/watering now.
I was pregnant because we stayed in a small studio apartment so I spent a lot of time in bed and I was in pain recently. 3. I want to co-
Sleeping with my child, I am worried about the effect of her inhaling these smoke and sleeping on these chemicals.
Like I said, my DH (dear husband)
He thought there was no problem, he said I was allergic to the outside or something when the mattress smelled like a chemical, and he was angry that I brought up the topic :/.
What do you suggest me to do in this case?
How can I stop the mattress and pillow from doing this?
I \'ve never bought a new mattress, pillow or sheet before so I\'m new here. . .
What dangers may these smoke and my reaction to them pose to me and my children? ?
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