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most infant deaths are avoidable. what we can do to prevent them | opinion

by:Qihao      2019-08-24
Anna Vignet | illustrations drawn for NJ.
Thomas herjee and Barbara M.
OstfeldDespite has the lowest sudden accidental death (SUID)in the U. S.
New Jersey is still dealing with many challenges that will help prevent these causes of death for babies under one year old.
According to recent national data, there are 3,500 babies in the United States. S.
Including about 60 babies in New Jersey, died of SUID-related preventable causes before their first birthday.
That means more can and should be done.
Special report: Chilling mistakes resulted in three babies of a mother dying from improved education efforts, studying the causes, advocating for improved economic conditions, especially in Africa --
Americans are in the center of the city, and continuing efforts to reduce SUID are the focus of the SIDS Center in New Jersey.
Here\'s one of the seven greatest lives: \"Go back to sleep \"--
Over the past 40 years, the achievement of the rescue pediatric study has been the simple behavior of having babies sleep on their backs.
The \"back sleep\" initiative reduces the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
The infant mortality rate from one month to one year is over 50%, saving thousands of lives.
Between 1992 and 2000, we go from three
Usually put a few quarters of information on the stomach, let people sleep for three months
They carried the dormitory on their backs.
Although SIDS is a death that does not determine the cause, factors that increase the risk include the bed
Shared and soft loose bedding, good nowestablished.
Parents know what steps to take to actively avoid the risk factors of infant death, so their fears and vulnerability evolve into a sense of empowerment.
In addition, a safe infant sleep Guide, which also reduces SIDS risk, applies to other forms of SUID, as well as external suffocation, thus expanding the impact of information.
What to do and what not to do in the education bedsharing.
The key to risk reduction is to educate all parents about the safe sleep guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Cultural competence education is a task of the SIDS Center in New Jersey, a project funded by the New Jersey health department whose research helps identify risk factors.
The center works with medical, social services, family visitors, child care, first responders, faith
Education and community service systems and institutions and their practitioners and communities.
MORE: Security resources-
However, sleeping, including where to be discounted as a factor of knowledge, does not always lead to action.
In order to understand what the decision is made, the center looks not only at what the parents did, but also at why.
These answers clarify the challenges that must be addressed in order to further reduce these deaths.
Poverty is such a challenge.
Poor parents living in high crime areas or suburbs
Standard housing believes that, despite the opposite of safe sleep advice, it would be safer for her children to share her adult bed.
Limited resources also contribute to multi-generation families.
There, a young mother realizes that going back to sleep depends on a grandparents whose knowledge of safe sleep reflects what is happening now
Untrustworthy recommendation for lower abdominal sleep.
The effort to educate grandparents is part of the mission.
It is also necessary to help young parents become confident advocates of what they have learned, a more complex task.
Provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics, tobacco smoke from Getty Images poverty-stricken companies is also associated with premature birth and smoke exposure, and these dangerous elevators need intervention in addition to safe sleep education.
Extremely premature babies are more than three times more likely to have SUID than the former.
Pregnant women smoking during pregnancy increases riskfold.
Family smoking has also made an unfortunate contribution.
When SUID appears in the field of race, ethnicity and socio-economic, racial differences with risk factors help explain why Africa-
American babies are at higher risk.
Fluctuations in the presence of risk factors also lead to fluctuations in mortality over time, and emphasize the importance of spreading nets in risk reduction initiatives.
Source: cdc suid rates across the USS.
Sudden infant death rate from 2012 to 2014-
Including SIDS, suffocation, and undetermined causes of death-
The southern states are high in the central and western regions.
The numerical value shows the number of bed deaths per 1,000 live babies.
Ignoring the bad effects of bumpers, blankets, decorative pillows and plush animals can force the well
Interested parents buy products that increase risk. (
Screenshot picture)
There is also the risk of transcending socio-economic conditions.
The best option in terms of baby cots is bare, but the pop culture doesn\'t think so.
Attractive store displays and magazine photos, baby cots with bumpers, blankets, bed pillow and plush animals can force people
Interested parents buy products that increase risk.
The challenge of getting media and retailers involved is still daunting, but crucial, and some communities are now banning the sale of bumpers.
Related content: Hail project to reduce infant deaths | it is important to edit safe sleep education, but it is also important to raise the minimum wage, access to health care, etc.
In order to achieve better results, we must work together on these more complex challenges and opportunities.
Thomas herjee and Barbara M.
Ostfeld is a professor at the Department of Pediatrics at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine at Rutgers University and director of medicine and programs at the SIDS Center in New Jersey.
Their research has contributed to the American Academy of Pediatrics to develop safe guidelines for baby sleep. BookmarkNJ. com/Opinion.
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