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Mircobead travel neck pillow

A travel neck pillow also known as a U-shaped neck pillow is designed according to neck engineering. The material is a slow-rebound material with thermal sensation. It provides the most average, soft and real support of the head and neck. It can provide the natural head and neck. Stretching state, does not hinder blood circulation, avoid neck and shoulder pain caused by a nap, multiple uses, health and comfort, and has obvious preventive and preventive effects on cervical diseases.

The travel neck pillow is a new type of strong cervical pillow. Use the U-shaped pillow around the neck and stick it over the shoulder so that when you lean against the seat, there is strong support on the head, soft and comfortable, no risk of cervical strain, and fall asleep. When the head does not swing left and right, it is as comfortable as sleeping in a bed.

Qihao mircobead memory travel pillow is available in multiple types and specifications, your ideal travel neck pillow using for work office or travel. For long-distance travel friends, it can greatly alleviate the fatigue caused by cervical vertebrae on the way, which can help us get high-quality rest on the way, reduce and reduce the neck pain caused by long-distance travel. Besides, for the sedentary office staff, mircobead memory travel pillow can be used as a rear cushion to support the spine. Sleeping at the desk will not cause numbness due to pressure on the arm, effectively relieve the pressure on the body, promote blood circulation, and provide you with a short but comfortable lunch break.

Micro bead filling - soft and confortable

Dual purpose design - for all seasons

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