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Millennial-Owned Pluto Pillow Wants To Know What You\'re Doing In Bed.

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
Pillows may not be the most exciting item in the bedroom, but 27-year-old Suzanne selleau wants to change that.
Saeliu is the founder and CEO of the Bruto brand company
A high production
Endcustom pillow.
Buyers conduct online surveys asking about their sleep location, current mattresses, heat preferences, etc, and the Pluto brand builds a custom pillow based on the user\'s information.
With Saeliu, there are currently 30 types of pillows to choose from, and the company says the number will continue to grow based on the company\'s growth and user feedback.
Graduated from Saeliu at the University of Southern California, worked in the retail industry after graduating from college, set up product displays and launched new bedding --
Related products enter highend stores.
She was surprised when the bedding, sheets and linens were high
Terminal options and a lot of consumer information, pillows are still purchased from the shelves, there is no other information other than \"soft\", \"medium\" or \"strong, there is a big difference between different brands.
Saeliu said: \"Research has shown that the pillows we choose leave a good first impression in the store, but often lead to poor sleep.
So we want to take a more scientific approach to pillow processing.
\"In line with Saeliu\'s interest in creating better pillows, she did not sleep well in the medium term
In their 20 s, they often wake up unresponsive and groggy.
She also noticed that whileto-
Consumer mattresses and bedding have become popular, most notably Casper Sleep, without a similar model that can be placed on a pillow.
She began to learn more about the making process of the pillow, including the importance of using the right pillow according to her sleeping habits, such as whether a person sleeps on his or her back or side.
After months of research, she decided to leave.
When Bruto brand realized that she was still suffering from insomnia at night, she found time to work
Because she is studying the industry every night, brainstorming for the company.
Due to her previous contacts in the bedding industry, she knew which suppliers and producers she wanted to work with and what materials she wanted to add, such as eco-
Friendly foam and chemistry-free fills.
She learned that a suitable pillow core is more technical than the average person may realize, including openingversus closed-
Foam cells, various options for breathable or dense fillers, fabrics that are sensitive to temperature changes, and how the inner core is shaped.
She also interviewed hundreds of consumers about their preferences for pillows and consulted a sleep scientist to understand the fundamentals of quality sleep, and consulted a chiropractor ,.
Next, the prototype was created by Saeliu, which took nearly four months.
Her team tested the density and durability of various foam and fabrics, and often took the prototype apart and reassembled the pieces into new pillows.
\"We had a pillow in the first place,\" she said . \" \"Wash them with things that should not be used, and then press them over and over to make sure they stand the test of use.
\"She also has to purchase the fiber she wants for the international pillowcase, which requires additional quality control to ensure that the stitching and workmanship meet her ideal standards.
Next, she sent the product to the respondents selected during the research process for additional feedback and testing.
When the pillow head was taken out for testing, she took the time to study websites with a similar user interface to make the investigation and purchase process as modern and simple as possible, including personalized vitamin care and skin care, both methods use online questionnaires to recommend products.
Although the development of Pluto pillows takes time and cost, Saeliu consciously decides not to raise funds, but to choose himself.
Finance the entire development process.
Pluto pillows were launched in March 2018 and began advertising heavily on podcasts, Facebook and Instagram to reach millennials women as she thought they were most likely to be in linen and bedding
However, after only a few months of sales, she found that most pillows were ordered by men.
We find that we are more male.
Saeliu said, \"especially for tall men who are hard to find pillows, or those who exercise or need support.
In July, the average price of brunto pillows was about $80, with a total of 2,500 pillows sold.
Although they played first.
Quarterly target for business in just 10 days.
Their rate of return is very low, at around 7%, about five and a half points lower than 12.
The average return on household goods industry was 52%.
Salieu noted that 15% of customers will become repeat customers, or give extra pillows as gifts.
She estimates that they will close 2018, sell about 10,000 pillows and plan to launch a king --
Choose the size for the holiday gift in time.
She also wants to introduce pop music.
Buyers can test pillow options, conduct sleep surveys on tablets, and customize pillows while waiting.
So why is it Pluto pillow?
Like most millennials, Saeliu was sad to learn at school that Pluto is a planet and that it was re-classified as a dwarf in 2006.
\"I hope this product can provideof-this-
She said: \"The rest of the world.
\"Also, the planets are made up of substances with gas around them, just like a pillow is a solid core with fibers around it.
We want to show our ex.
Some planet of love.
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