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midlife: bairbre power

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
If his Irish mother had seen him, I would have said that she would have given him a clip on his ear, or a \"completely\" folded arm, so well versed in mammals around the world, we have a hot silent gaze-
Because it works well, connect to our parenting DNA kit.
Anyway, mam Mammy in Ireland would give him a disapproving look because he didn\'t give up his seat, and I suspect when we took the crowded London Metro to Heathrow, this idea is in our minds.
The burly young man, with his Irish complexion and tan neck, put GAA sports bag on his leg.
His eyes flashed on me and then focused on his worn-out shoes.
\"Da ma\" will also give him another reason.
This millennial is not about moving.
There are no other men of all ages in the carriage, and that\'s what I noticed.
Sitting in these plastic seats is almost all men, and the people standing at both ends include women of all ages.
A mother with two children was wearing fashionable school uniforms and Princess Charlotte\'s hairstyle was posted in the bar.
A young woman with a Yorkshire terrier and a dog with pigtails Dolly Parton has a hairstyle, but she doesn\'t seem to mind standing while concentrating on her phone.
Watch my fellow passengers on this sweat stream sweaty back rush hour train, apparently every man and woman, as we slowly move towards Heathrow, I can\'t help but remember the loss of Knight spirit.
\"Etiquette makes people\" this 14 th Century Chestnut has been cut very well in modern times, and it is really cut.
Now, I\'m not a hopeless romantic, because brave men throw their cloaks on puddles in order to save women\'s shoes.
This is something about film and French literature.
I\'m here to talk about basic courtesy and courtesy for everyone, like opening the door for the next person, standing to get you out of the elevator before the competition rushes into the elevator fiercely.
Was it a long time ago that students, men and older men would jump up immediately and give way to a woman on the bus, or train priests and nuns to knock seats into our school and our parents and grandparents but the rules of politeness have changed.
A few years ago, pregnant women would automatically get seats, but now they are wearing the \"baby on the ship\" badge on the London Metro network, but the results are mixed.
In fact, I was content to stand on that subway because I spent most of my time on the plane or in a quiet English library for hours --
You can read about it all in Saturday\'s Weekend magazine and you might be interested if you\'re a royal wedding observer!
Anyway, back on the subway, I didn\'t have a suitcase to sort it out, so I balanced it by the bar and looked at the carriage in front.
One of the benefits of travel is that people --watching.
I am often surprised by people who only start filling plastic bags of liquid and holding everyone up when they are on a safety check.
I like to kill time, observe what people wear, comfortable shoe brands I \'ve never seen before, unusual neck pillows, and what books they\'re reading.
I suspect that the Irish young man was really polite there in his manners, and to be fair, he was inland surrounded by a bunch of suitcases --
Leaving them and having a standing lady sit in his seat would be a gymnastics feat.
Like Young and upflowing couples, there are more criminals guilty.
She brandished designer handbags everywhere, with a big watch and a tight shirt, which is better for showing his achievements at the gym.
Now, maybe he pulled a disc, or did something terrible about the laggy or oblique muscles, so much that he needed a seat because he never looked up from the pink paper.
I don\'t think he is polite and doesn\'t give up his seat to the mum who is standing next to him, which is a real clue for his girlfriend. . .
If she\'s willing to admit it
Recently I had dinner with an old friend who was taken from the old --
When I came back from the bathroom, my friend stood up and the waiter slid my chair under me.
Cute to touch, but I think it\'s as rare as the hen\'s teeth.
There used to be a time when Don\'t put your elbows on the table, and don\'t fill your mouth with stuff, it\'s a creed of good manners, but both are history.
Personally, I hate to see people wolf down their food while their companions are still waiting for their meals to arrive. Call me old-
But I think it\'s rude and rude.
The rush hour was crazy when we got to the airport.
Everyone seems to be in a mode of survival.
This makes me wonder if we will leave etiquette at home when we travel.
Is the airport, train station and travel schedule so tight that we put on a combat jacket and put the trolley in the seat of the next person when I almost gave up, most recently, I was getting ready to board from the plane at Kennedy Airport, and for the last seven hours a tall lad was sitting across the aisle from me asking if I wanted him from the overhead compartment. I was stunned.
I \'ve been wrestling with that back.
I was out of work for several years in a row and accepted his kindness.
He is very tall and my case is consistent with his eyes.
He handed it to me and I smiled back with a smile that \"your mom raised You Well.
Good manners don\'t cost anything, but they are the wealth we should never lose.
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