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Microbead Travel Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-06-29
So you were planning a trip and now you have second thoughts? Perhaps it was because you remember that the last time you did this, it took days to get over the neck ache fatigue you experienced sitting in one position for hours. You don't want that to happen again. If you fly much, especially if you are not paying the extra for first class, then you know how confining the seats are, and how motionless you are expected to stay! Taking a feather pillow is one option but, if you are flying, it isn't a very good one. Most people carry their own bags now, and no one wants to add the bulk of a pillow to their carry-ons. Of course, small couch pillows are possible, but who ever found one that was comfortable! You have come to the right place for the answer. Thanks to modern technology, affordable pillows can be purchased that conform to your shape, instead of demanding that you conform to it. The microbead bed pillow is filled with thousands of polystyrene micro-granules, just enough so that there is room for them to move out of the way when a neck bone is pushing on it. The result is a pillow that feels like a masseur's gentle hands against your neck. Polystyrene is a long chain polymer that is very common in a multitude of products. If you have a styrofoam cup, you might notice it is actually made up of thousands of tiny beads, pressed together. These beads are made of the same chemical found in microbead travel pillows. But the hard plastic cups are just a different form of the same substance. Other products using polystyrene include the housing on computers or hairdryers or TVs or appliances. Model airplanes and cars and other toys are usually made of polystyrene. In fact, it is probably second only to polyethylene in its multifaceted uses. So how can a plastic that is hard enough to protect a computer be used to make a comfortable pillow? The answer is in its name - microbead. Tiny beads of polystyrene slide over each other to conform to the shape needed. This not only gives comfort, but also support and a gentle massage. Microbead travel pillows come in many shapes but the most popular shape is horseshoe. The pillow slides over the neck to give support on the back and on the sides. This makes it comfortable whether you lie your head back, or lean against the door or window. Microbead travel pillows also come in a variety of colors. Of course, lighter colors show soiling more easily so keep this in mind, especially of you have oily hair.
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