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Memory Foam Pillows - What Makes Them Better Than

by:Qihao      2020-08-24
If you usually sleep with a feather or cotton and polyester filled pillow, memory foam offers several unique advantages. Memory foam is a special type of foam that's specially designed for comfort during sleep. Whether it's shaped like a standard pillow, a body pillow or in a contour shape, memory foam is a great choice for comfortable bedding. The first big advantage it has over down, cotton or other types of standard pillows is personalized support. It provides customized support during sleep in a 4 unique ways: It responds to body heat and pressure to conform to the exact shape of your head and neck. It's dense enough to maintain support as long as you remain in your sleep position. It quickly adapts to your new sleep position with no need to twist, fluff or squeeze your pillow. It's designed to promote adequate air flow so you stay cool and comfortable during sleep. Because foam pillows actually mold to the shape of your head and neck during sleep, they provide much more reliable support than standard pillows. This promotes perfect sleep posture, which is associated with several key benefits: Reduces or eliminates neck and shoulder pain by properly aligning your neck with your spine. Helps reduce snoring as breathing passages are kept open through adequate support. Reduces tossing and turning as you're more comfortable during sleep. Helps you fall asleep faster, as you're comfortable and relaxed and sooner due to superior support. Memory foam pillows are available with special hypoallergenic outer layers and covers that are anti-allergen and even anti-bacterial. This means you can sleep soundly without waking up to a sinus headache, sneezing or coughing due to dust mite dander, pet dander or other allergens throughout the night. Unlike feathers or other fabrics or materials that can attract and trap allergens, memory foam supports allergen-free sleep. Memory foam is virtually care-free and extremely durable. There's no need to wash, fluff or even air out a foam pillow. You can look forward to an easy, comfortable night's sleep for several years to come if you choose a quality foam pillow.
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