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Memory Foam Pillows and Snoring

by:Qihao      2020-08-13
Do you wake yourself or your partner up in the night? If you have a snoring problem that just won't seem to go away, perhaps the problem is the pillow you sleep on. What causes snoring? People snore when there is an obstruction of air paths, they snore because of colds or allergies, and a variety of other causes. Most snorers have tried taking anti-histamines before bed, or using nose patches to stop snoring. Actually, those actions may cause more harm than good. Anti-histamines, drinking close to bed time, sleeping pills and smoking can all cause snoring to worsen. Generally men snore more than women because their nasal passages are actually narrower. If you've tried all of the home 'cures' but still can't stop the interruption of your precious and much sought after zzz's, try changing your pillow to a memory foam pillow. How does a memory foam pillow stop snoring? Snoring is often caused by pressure on the airway from skin and tissue in the neck. If your pillow forces your head and neck into an unnatural position, the airways can be further obstructed. Memory foam contours using your own body heat to the shape of your head and neck, allowing for an optimal alignment of the head, neck and spine...which could just lead to those airways loosening up. And when your airways are free to breathe, they don't need to work double time to get sufficient air, allowing both you and your partner to sleep better at night.
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