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Memory foam neck pillow

The material for memory foam was originally designed by NASA in the mid-1960s as a material to improve the safety of airline cushions. Now, the neck pillow adopted memory foam material, providing a suitable neck pillow for users. Qihao manufacturing and supplying a wide range of memory foam neck pillows for customers. 

The characteristics of memory foam are too hard in winter and too soft in summer. Our technicians researched and developed quality memory foam which keeps almost the same hardness, not hard in winter and not too soft in summer. Our customers are satisfied with our memory foam neck pillow. New materials such as silicone gel, bamboo charcoal, are adopted. Make you feel cool and nice in Summer, anti-fungus and anti-mildew guarantee the health and environment.

What's more, an exceptional factor about memory foam material is that you will now not have to fear about your physique overheating. Memory foam is a breathable material that used to be designed to preserve your body and head at the perfect temperature. 

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