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Memory Foam Mattress_Innovative Sleep Solution

by:Qihao      2020-09-27
Technology's advances within man's lifetime offer a lot of great prospective in the event of making man's life exceed its comfortable existence. This particularly points to satisfying man's lifestyle changes which include his or her physiologic needs of water, food, shelter and even sleep. By far man has been faced with different stressors thrown by the dynamic changes of the environment that he or she has grown into while slowly adapting to such changes. Being a dynamic being man's needs grow into a vast variety undergoing metamorphosis as well. Thus, in order for man to survive these various changing changes, he or she must be able to produce a great solution of adaptation. Given this opportunity of man handling technology as its slave, he or she had countered one problem that lacks in his or her physiologic need; the need of comfort sleep. Through National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) discovery in the late 1970's the memory foam mattress came to existence. This innovative type of mattress has created a frenzy of high demand considering the many benefits that it offers. In the 1970's NASA developed the creation of memory foam to provide a cushion to astronauts' chairs providing comfort from the gravitational forces and liftoffs at that time. This design was further developed into a manufacturing product to be sold in the vast growing market in where consumers were able to get their hands on such mattresses. Memory foam mattress is made up majority of polyurethane as well as other chemicals which adds to its viscosity and density. Compare to ordinary mattresses, this type of mattress is considered to be denser and more flexible designed. This type of mattress gives out more support and is considered to be heavier. A mattress as this is referred to as a visco - elastic memory foam type in where it easily changes in form conforming to the body's contours or shape thus by far increases the level of comfort during sleep. Such dynamic feature causes it to adapt easily to the environment. The mattress actually turns firmer during low - temperatures while grows softer during high - temperatures these changes are reflective of the mattress' goal of providing comfort. Such benefits of this mattress do not exactly end there. This mattress is structured with open cell type which reacts to the body's heat creating a mould feature that envelops the body providing warmth, relieving pressures since it actually spreads the pressure to other cells causing equal pressure on all parts of the body. This type of mattress is actually useful for those who are entitled to stay in bed for longer periods of time. Such innovation helps prevent pressure sores, soothes arthritis for elder people as the mattress does soothes the body's need for warmth and many more. Also the open - cell structure of such mattress keep the air flowing freely within and out of the mattress thus preventing accumulation of odor and also prevents the existence of bed bugs or mites. The benefits of such mattress is pretty much multiplied to triple effect if one would also coupled it with the memory foam mattress topper and memory foam pillow. The other types of memory foam products provide more adequate form of comfort that the mattress already gives. Take for example the memory foam pillow; this particular product supports mostly the neck and head of a person. This helps in alleviating headaches or neck pains to result in the morning. The memory foam mattress topper gives the double effect of comfort that the mattress provides. Also in times when one chooses to tighten his or her budget and not be able to buy the memory foam type of mattress, dues to its expensive price, the memory foam topper would suffice a comfort effect of sleep. Truly, the vast advances of technology and science have taken man's life from a primitive way of living into one that is innovatively well enhanced leading to a better future. With such products man could basically be relaxed free within the comforts of his or her home and have the deep, solemn sleep that he or she aspires for ages.
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