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Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow - Are They Worth It?

by:Qihao      2020-08-13
Modern lifestyle has forced a good majority of people to compromise on their health. People are always on the run. Even when they are seated, they are forced to slouch in front of computers for hours together or spend too much time on their feet. The result of such strain is obvious for all to see - people start developing back and neck problems right from their twenties. Therefore, the need for high quality back and neck support cannot be ignored. Since an average person spends 6-8 hours sleeping, back and neck support is vital to feeling rested and getting up refreshed in the morning. What is memory foam pillow and mattress? Memory foam was first invented by NASA in the 1970's but it hit the market in the mid 1990's. Since it was introduced, it has been one of the fastest growing products in the mattress industry. The foam was developed by NASA to relieve pressure sores. Over time, it was seen that the foam had the ability to distribute weight evenly over a larger surface area. This relieves areas like the back, buttocks and the neck. After NASA, the foam was taken up for commercial production by companies like Tempur. Soon, other manufacturers started producing their own lines of the foam, resulting in its wide availability in the mattress industry. How does these foam mattress and pillow help? Memory foam mattress and pillow contain a layer of memory foam. The cells of the foam conform to the body shape, creating natural hollows in that parts of the body where there are hollows. Therefore, parts like the neck and shoulders are gently cradled in natural hollows. In ordinary mattresses, these parts are forced to conform to the straight shape of the bed. This leads to excess pressure building in certain parts of the body, resulting in pain and lack of proper sleep. Additionally, this foam is sensitive to temperature. It is more viscous when body heat is applied to it. This accounts for the sinking, delicious warmth that you feel when you lie on mattresses made from this foam. How to choose memory foam comfort mattress and pillow? Memory foam is a soft material with little to no support. So, do not buy a mattress that is made entirely of memory foam. At best, only a thin layer on the top should be made of this foam so that the actual body weight is supported by spring coils. Look for 1-3 inches of medium to high density foam as this gives proper cushioning and comfort to the body. If the foam is any thicker, you will have difficulty turning from side to side. It is important to understand that different manufacturers produce different qualities of this foam. Do not buy a memory foam pillow and mattress that is noticeably inexpensive. These are of poor quality and won't give the same comfort as high quality foam. Buy from a reputed seller and there won't be any cause to worry.
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