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memory foam flip flops

by:Qihao      2019-09-02
It\'s only a few minutes from flop paradise.
I always like to play with earplugs.
They are made of foam, very similar to what the expensive memory foam bed is made.
Sandals seem to be a logical application.
You need about 250 earbuds and a pair of sandals that are too big on the 1 or 2.
There is also a hot glue gun, a lot of glue, a knife, a pair of scissors and a pen.
A pair of sandals is also a good idea for you.
Sticking the earbuds to the foot bed of the sandals effectively shortens the length of the straps, which is why I recommend buying some oversized flip flops and trimming them.
I used a pair that was too big in size, but I think it would be a better choice for the two that are bigger.
Use a pair of flip flops that are perfect for you and track the right size at the bottom of the oversized flip flops.
Cut off the excess with a sharp knife.
I tried using scissors in the first place and the result was not very good.
This may be the best option if you have a band saw, but the knife works fine.
Draw a curve around the inner band in the appropriate area of the arch support.
Now cover that area with earplugs.
Apply the hot glue to the flat side of the earbuds and press it on the foot bed.
It is a good idea to make both sandals at the same time to keep a similar placement mode.
To reduce some of the necessary material, I cut the rest of the earbuds in half.
Scissors are very effective in this regard, and if you arrange them correctly, you can cut two or three at a time.
Hot glue is really great.
It is very fast and easy to use and adheres well to most foam and fabric.
When stuck to the earbuds, I tried to keep the concentric pattern quite consistent.
The outer layer is all the Round Top of the earbuds, and then there is a layer of bottom.
The mode is a little wider to the inside, but it doesn\'t matter.
When I started, I was pretty sure the huge orange earbuds I had were enough, but I was wrong.
I had to keep looking for more earbuds and only found the smaller yellow ones.
Since I have been working on both sandals at the same time, there is a matching blank area so now there is a matching yellow area.
Very convenient.
The only thing left to do is put them on and enjoy the glorious comfort that memory foam brings on your feet.
As one might hope, earplugs also have side effects that inhibit sound.
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