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Meet the travel pillow that will change how you sleep on planes

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
The problem of sleeping during the flight?
What if we told you that there is a travel pillow that is easier to pack and offers more support than your regular memory foam neck pillow?
Ultimate ($25. 95; amazon. com)
Probably the answer to a sleepless flight.
This special neck pillow is different from the standard memory foam neck pillow because it provides comprehensive lateral support --
In this way, you feel caught when you nap in your seat.
As you can see from the above picture, the legs of the pillow are wrapped around your torso to make you feel safer.
According to Travelrest, this prevents your head and neck from falling forward and reduces your chances of staying upright.
Also, Travelrest pillows are ideal for those with chronic pain, especially when you consider those cramped and uncomfortable airplane seats.
There are two ways to position the pillow.
You can wear it on or under the side of your torso.
In this way, on a long flight, you can change the way you sit and enjoy a more comfortable journey. Still not sold?
Don\'t believe what we say.
This product is rated as Amazon\'s preferred product with over 2,500 customer reviews.
An outstanding customer testimony wrote: \"The unique shape is very comfortable and the regulating valve is easy to use to fine tune the filling.
So the pillow itself is an amazing travel aid, especially if you\'re like me trying to get as much comfort as possible from a crowded economy seat.
Another comment wrote: \"A few years ago, I used pillows and covers during my trip from California to Europe.
It really helped me to sleep on the plane, which I have never done before.
\"Oh, we forgot to mention the best part.
This pillow is inflatable so you can easily store it between flights.
Also, if you really want to raise the stakes, buy the Travelrest plush Velour pillowcase specially made for your pillow.
The memory foam plug-in makes the experience more comfortable. 1.
Travel pillowcase (travel pillowcase)$34. 95; amazon. com)
Another Amazon preferred product, Travelrest premium pillows and plush pillowcases, is just a step forward compared to the pillows of the same brand mentioned above.
This is a great choice for busy travelers, the plush cover of this pillow is made of machine wash fabric and easy to maintain. 2.
support ($29. 97; amazon. com)Another fan-
Favorite bed pillow, bcochin support pillow is perfect for travelers who will lazily move forward while sleeping upright.
To prove that it does work, more than 3,500 customers gave it £ 4. 3-out of 5-star rating.
Not only that, it\'s also rated as Amazon\'s preferred product. 3.
($19. 95; amazon. com)
When purchasing this Sencezo travel package, you will get more than just a travel pillow.
Investing in this pillow not only guarantees you more support than a regular neck pillow, but the $20 investment comes with eye masks, earplugs and travel bags.
Note: The above price reflects the price tag of the retailer at the time of release.
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