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McAuliffe pranks Northam with images of his face on pillows

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
Virginia\'s outgoing governor made a joke about his successor.
According to The Washington Post, the democratic government
Ralph Northen found a photo of Terry mcliffe on a pillow at the governor\'s residence.
Mccliffe, who is also a Democrat, decorated the pillow with one of his favorite words: \"sleep when you die.
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The Post reported that the new governor had also received several photos around the residence and a phone call to wake up early in the morning.
\"The mansion he left me was full of pictures of the governor,\" Northen told the Post . \".
\"Also, I haven\'t found an alarm clock ringing at 3: 00 today.
I texted him and thanked him and he said there was more to come.
This prank is common in Virginia, where it is the only state that changes its government every four years.
During the last conversion, Republican Bob McDonald left a huge fluffy bear in the private bathroom for a new sworn manin McAuliffe.
This is a real bear taken from the office of Doug Domenech, MacDonald\'s minister of natural resources.
During a cold ceremony in Richmond, his family and some former governors surrounded him, and northumm was sworn on Saturday as 73 chief executive of the Old Dominion.
Democratic Party, veteran and pediatrician Notham, who served as the state\'s deputy governor, won the seat in November, beating Republican Ed Gillespie.
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