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Maybe You Need a Buckwheat or Down Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-10-10
Many of us have experienced backaches, headaches and stiff necks after sleeping for hours. Instead of feeling refreshed, we wake up depleted and miserable. This usually happens when our pillows do not complement with our sleeping habits. Pillows are designed to provide support and comfort to the body. There is no reason therefore to suffer after getting up from bed. Nothing can improve a night's sleep other than a suitable pillow. Those who have suffered stiff necks and pains due to wrong pillows may use bucky or buckwheat pillows that are easily shaped to support your necks. Rectangular shape are available as well as the 'U' shape that fits around the back of the neck and keeps the head from slipping into an uncomfortable and possible harmful position during sleep. The latter however is more desirable when travelling and sleeping on a sitting position. Firm or extra firm hypo down pillows may also offer you a buoyant pillow that provides proper spine alignment. Buckwheat pillow is one with buckwheat as fills. Buckwheat is a plant, not a cereal despite its common name and the grain-like use of the crop. Neither is it wheat. Buckwheat hulls are used as filling for pillows and other upholstered goods. They do not reflect heat as much as synthetic fills. Sometimes they are marketed as an alternative to feather fills for those who have allergies. However medical studies concluded that buckwheat pillows emit a potential allergen that triggers asthma. Hypo down pillow is one where the fills are down and hypoallergenic. A down is a layer of fine feathers found under the tougher exterior feather of a bird. It is a fine thermal insulator and padding used in jackets, bedding, pillows and sleeping bags. Powder down is a specialized type of down found only in a few groups of birds and are scattered among down feathers. The dust produced by powder down may cause allergy to humans. If you are a softy, petite and small-boned and usually sleep primarily on your sides, you will be happy with hypo down pillows with a soft and medium firmness. It will prevent your head from being raised too high, thus promote blood circulation by keeping your neck straight your sides. Body pillow is also recommended as they are usually useful in providing support for those who sleep on their sides. These are also comfortable for pregnant women. For average size, who usually sleeps on their stomach or stomach and back, to keep the neck in line with the spine, your sleeping habits require a little more support; medium to firm hypo down pillows will suit you best. Moreover, if you are tall or large, you may need a buoyant pillow that provides proper spine alignment. Surely, a firm or extra firm hypo down pillow will bring comfort in your sleep. Always remember that pillows are like tricking balms to bleeding pains, cure our distempered mind and heals our fortune. They serve as refreshing dews or summer showers that quench our drooping and fainting consistency. So be careful in choosing a pillow for instead of comfort it may bring you discomfort.
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