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Mattress Sets: The Right Buy For Your Body And Your Budget

by:Qihao      2020-10-10
Sleeping comfortably is not a luxury it's a right. Too often, people purchase a mattress set that is not suitable for their body because they need to stick within a budget, leaving them groggy and rigid in the morning. But your mattress set shouldn't be a literal pain in the rear end just because you need to save money. Sacrificing comfort for affordability is just not a beneficial way to get a good night's rest. Owning an inadequate mattress set truly does affect your mental and physical health. General aches and pains, sleeplessness and back pain can be caused by sleeping on a wrong mattress. Also, sleeping on a bad mattress can make the pain much worse for those with a back problem. Imagine it now: You wake up with your neck tense and stiff, your lower back aching, and your legs tight. And no matter how much you stretch, you just can't seem to shake the tension from your body, and for the rest of the day, you're on edge, and that's no way to sleep or live. Since finding the best mattress is largely based on personal preference, if you are not 100 percent sure which type is better for you, it is recommended you speak with your doctor. Your physician can give you ideas and suggestions of mattress that will provide you with the right amount of back and neck support. Remember, there isn't one mattress type or sleep position that will do the trick, so talking with your doctor can steer you in the right direction for finding the one that suits you the best. Another trick to finding the right mattress for your body is to take it for a test drive. First, sit on the mattress edge and note how your weight's supported when you sink. It shouldn't be a pain to get in and out of the bed. You should also roll into the mattress and note how it's supportive of your body. If you're stiff after laying there in the same position for a few minutes, then walk away from it, it's not the one for you. Also, while testing your potential mattress set, move around in the bed, changing your positions to check the support level in each arrangement (try different sleeping positions, like on your back, side or stomach, and other non-quiescent positions, like sitting). Don't forget to check its durability and quality. You want something that will last for years, as a good set last for up to eight years (don't forget to turn your mattress every six months so it evenly wears). If you're ready to shop around for a new mattress, check out the list below for three types of affordable sets that may be the right fit for your body and budget. Serta Perfect Sleeper Eurotop Bronze Anniversary Queen Mattress This mattress features Serta's signature plush Pillo-Fill Fiber that is designed to 'breathe' away heat and moisture, a thick layer of Visco Memory Form that is ultra-responsive and relives surface stress on the body, and Five-Zoned Comfort Cushions, which are hundreds of uniquely zoned 3-inch cushions that provides deep contouring to every part of the body, targeting key pressure points for less turning and tossing and creating greater weight dispersion. Serta Perfect Sleeper 'Shea' Eurotop Queen Mattress Set This mattress really has it all. It features the Nano-Stain Terminator Fabric Protector, Serta's patented Advanced Comfort Quilt that provides cushioning for the whole body, Pillo-Fiber, Zone Convoluted Foam that provides greater pressure relief for the shoulders and hips and the Tri-Zoned Custom Support Form that works with the innerspring to release pressure and is more supportive in the mattress' middle. The Continuous Support Innerspring features a posturized center that provides the body's center third with enhanced support. Also features the sturdy Total Edge Foam Encasement, which increases support around the mattress' edge and provides lasting strength (its extended sleeping surface prevents edge 'roll-off'). What's better about the mattress? It has the StabL-Base Double Beam Foundation, which supports across the mattress' bottom for lasting durability, and isolates the impact of your sleep partner's movement so you're undisturbed. Serta Pedic 'Ceylon' Eurotop Full Mattress Set This mattress features pillow-like comfort fibers that allow the mattress to breathe and custom support form that works with the innerspring, and its complex design relives pressure, reduces tossing and turning, creating a super supportive mattress. Buying the right affordable mattress set for you requires some fun and comforting research (who doesn't love lying down and closing their eyes when testing out a mattress in-store?) But if you are willing to take the time to find the ideal mattress for your body and budget, you'll find on that leaves you refreshed and ready to take on the day when you wake up.
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