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Mattress Features That Can Help You Sleep Better

by:Qihao      2020-10-11
Many people suffer from a lack of sleep directly caused by an old or inadequate mattress. Not getting enough rest takes a toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. You deserve a full night's sleep, so why not find a luxuriously dense and plush mattress that will give you your money's worth? You will never have to count sheep again if you look out for these features the next time you're mattress shopping. Spring Coil Count Spring coil count is the most important feature to keep in mind when shopping for a spring mattress. When it comes to coil count, the higher that number, the better. A higher count will give you springs that are smaller in diameter, providing even support throughout the mattress. Smaller coils also tend to be more flexible than larger coils, adding on an extra level of comfort. A full-size bed should have at least 300 coils, queen 375 coils, and king 450 coils. Remember to regularly flip your mattress to prevent sagging and extend the life of your mattress. Be sure to find out that coil count to get the maximum comfort out of your new mattress. Fine Padding and Upholstery Quality padding and upholstery make all the difference when it comes to the feel of your mattress. Thicker, plush upholstery and padding provide sumptuous cushion and insulationand for spring mattresses, it's the only (comfortable) thing separating you from all of those tempered steel springs. So you can see why it's important to find high-quality upholstery that you can count on to last! From the insulation to the middle padding, quilting, and ticking (the topmost cover), there are several components to the construction of mattress padding that are worth investigating. When in doubt, question the salesperson to see if she knows the specifics of the model you are interested in. Plush Memory Foam A popular choice for many consumers, the memory foam mattress features a revolutionary design that conforms to your body's shape to deliver orthopedic support and relief at pressure points. The visco-elastic material softens when it comes into contact with heat so that it molds to the sleeper's shape, distributing weight evenly. Due to this temperature-sensitive nature, memory foam will help maintain a comfortable temperature as you sleep. It's important to know the density of a foam mattress before buying it; the higher the density, the firmer and more durable your mattress will be. Rest easy knowing that your new memory foam mattress will have you sawing logs in no time! Firm Latex Foam Similar to a memory foam mattress, a latex foam mattress is a more resilient option. It will push back against your body since it doesn't react to heat in the same way as memory foam. One thing to note about foam mattresses is that most of them don't require box springs, so you can place yours on a thick and sturdy platform bed frame. You won't have to worry about shock vibrations disturbing your sleep your bed mate can toss and turn all night long, and the foam mattress will absorb the majority of the movement. Sink into a Mattress Top Whether you prefer a pillow top, Euro top, or a featherbed topper, a mattress pad will bring a luxurious feel and extra touch of softness to your bed. Euro tops and pillow tops are built right into the mattress, and can't be replaced if they begin to compress over time. They also can't be flipped to ward against mattress sagging. However, they can provide the ultimate in comfort with additional padding and soft materials. Featherbed toppers offer unbelievable flexibility and softness, and can be made with either synthetic or goose down materials. Goose down is a popular selection for many because it is cool in warm weather and vice versa. The Benefits of Hypoallergenic Design Don't put up with midnight sneezing and wheezing any longer, and shop around for a new hypoallergenic mattress. Many mattresses these days are specially treated to resist common allergy irritants or are naturally hypoallergenic. Also great for asthma patients, these mattresses repel dust mites and quite a few are antimicrobial by nature. More expensive models feature neutral materials to prevent reactions to harsh chemicals and use fibers such as cotton, linen, and flax on the top cover of the mattress. Get a full night of rest by investing in an allergy-friendly mattress. Now that you know the common features that can help you reach deep sleep, you'll be better prepared for your next mattress shopping trip. From materials to design, toppers and coil counts, you know exactly what to look for to get the best sleep you'll ever have. Get ready to sink into peaceful bliss and sleep like a baby on your new mattress!
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