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Mattress Comparison - Natural Latex Mattress And

by:Qihao      2020-10-11
A natural and organic latex mattress can last up to twenty five years and it can reduce shoulder, neck and back pain and improve the quality of your sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, heart disease and low immune response so never underestimate the importance of a good rest. An organic latex mattress will stop you from tossing and turning while trying to find a comfortable position because simply sleeping on a natural latex mattress is comfort in itself. You can choose from difference firmness levels, like with memory foam. Natural latex is made from about 95% natural rubber. The rest is curing and vulcanization factors like fatty acid soaps, sulfur, sodium and zinc oxide. Any added chemicals are washed out in the final production process stages so you will get a 99% natural rubber mattress. The company that has broken the 'Certified Organic Latex' barrier is Latex Green located in Sri Lanka. This has taken years to accomplish. Latex Green had to isolate a large part of their rubber tree plantation and keep it free from any chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers for years until it was finally awarded the organic certification in both the US and EU. In addition, a portion of the manufacturing plant had to also be isolated and kept sterile. This was a major undertaking and huge expense to pull this off but Latex Green's commitment to the earth and our environment has been nothing short of commendable and greatly appreciated by those of us who offer non-toxic sleep solutions. Here's what Latexco, the only authorized distributor in the U.S., had to say about this long journey- 'In order to meet the requirements for certification Latex Green segregated a section of the Plantation. The USDA requires that there be no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used on the trees or ground for a minimum of 4 years before any sap can be collected. After purging for 4 years the sap is collected and stored in a separate facility. It is then mixed, processed, poured, washed and packaged separately using separate equipment so as not to contaminate. You will notice that even the pincore pattern of the Organic is somewhat different from the regular (natural but not certified organic latex) Naturalux. That is because the newly commissioned molds used to produce the Organic are used solely for that purpose and never used to produce other products, assuring that there is no intermingling, residue or trace contamination. The material is also packaged in foil lined paper and stored separately in both the LG and our facility. This has been a long and costly process requiring years of commitment, diligence and investment but the results are the World's First Truly Organic Natural Latex'. Owners of the natural latex mattress are some of the most pampered people in the world. Owning a natural latex mattress is something akin to being a king or queen and having your own throne. Think about it - as humans we sleep about a third of our lives in total. That is a long time to be spending in any one place. Usually when somebody spends a lot of time somewhere the cost of investing in making it as comfortable as possible is very justified. For example, think of a natural latex mattress as sleeping equipment, much as you would a good quality boat for someone who spends a lot of time out on the lake fishing. Or if you like to go 4 wheeling in the mountains, having a very good truck to do it with. Natural latex mattresses are worth the price you pay for them because you are trying to maximize your quality of life. Experiencing good quality sleep is important to everything else in life that you want to accomplish. So the bottom line is that the only real difference is the use or non-use of fertilizers in the early stages of plant development. As explained above, even the natural latex, that is technically botanically derived, uses very little if any chemical fertilizers at its harvesting age. The follow up question I have asked is about the use of pesticides which will be the topic of a follow up article once I receive the reply but I expect a similar response. The only remaining question would be one to ask of yourself, as organic latex mattresses are approximately 1/3 higher in price, and that is 'how pure do you really need to go' when buying a natural latex mattress. As a side note, there has never been a reported case of a latex allergy associated with a latex mattress, latex mattress topper or latex pillow according to the FDA and that's because any residual chemicals that may have been present in the finished latex all get washed away during the 5 step rinsing process. Our mattresses can provide uniform support from head to toe, eliminate pressure points, and the offgassing from conventional mattresses, and are dust mite resistant as well. Our mattresses will also control body heat by whisking away the moisture your body is putting off each night as you sleep. When we're through with helping you find a great mattress, then let us help you find the ultimate pillow to go with the mattress. Side Sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers all require different pillows. When you connect with us you will see and feel the difference. Ken Hightower is a mattress industry veteran of over 35 years.
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