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matt heath: our generation of softies needs to harden up

by:Qihao      2019-09-02
New Zealand has become weak.
We are becoming a safe country in space.
Spoiled little cat afraid. I\'m the worst.
The underfloor heating in our bathroom is not working at the moment.
On my pampered feet, it\'s like taking a shower through lava in the morning.
This is not good.
Humans should not have floor heating at all.
We should never feel like we need it.
Auckland is a subtropical paradise for God\'s sake.
Our ancient hunter.
The ancestors collected did not warm the floor.
Their bathroom floor is outside, made of rocks, dirt and snakes.
You could have been eaten by a military knife-
Cat with teeth when you take a shower in the morning.
The only comfort they enjoyed was the tearing off the animal\'s back with bare hands.
They are better than us.
Their hard life made them.
As Yuval Noah Harari said, \"Our foraging ancestors have physical dexterity, and even after years of practicing yoga or tai chi, people today cannot achieve this dexterity \".
Our society allows people who cannot handle the prosperity of jandal.
This does not bode well for our future.
At any time, a natural or man-made disaster can bring us back to a Hobbesian nightmare.
We need to be hard.
But what can we do?
We are busy beings of the future.
We have meaningless jobs that can waste our lives, boring pictures that can be posted
A series of deep dramas that can be viewed.
How can we strengthen our body and mind in a limited spare time? Good news.
You can harden in your sleep.
The 2019 bed was an embarrassment of luxury.
We really need something inside.
Sprung Mattress, memory foam pad, four latex pillows, duvet, designer-designed mattress, 12 plush cushions and valance?
Do we really need to smell the right sheets as you use the lovely concentrated fabric softener with a strong aroma of wild roses in the wash?
Our ancestors slept on the ground beneath the sloth. But not us.
Even the cotton sheets are too rough for our weak and destroyed body.
So we need extra time to make the sheets super comfortable and smell comfortable. Shame on us.
Comfort like this makes us poor unnecessarily.
We don\'t need them.
Like the sugar in your coffee.
If you have three, that\'s all you need.
Cut them off and your hot drink may taste bitter in a few days, but after a week the taste of the three sugars is very sweet.
You never need sugar.
You are used to it.
The same is true of your swollen bed.
I\'m not suggesting you sleep outside naked.
It\'s good for you though.
You just need to lower the grade of bedding a little.
It took me three weeks to sleep on a thin foam pad during the holidays. No pillow.
It sucked for two days, but after that it was great. My back (
Top metal from the protruding disc)felt amazing.
Every morning I will jump up with energy and be ready to look for the food my family needs to survive (
I mean go to the dairy products near the camp and buy a few cans of baked beans with sausage inside).
My normal soft bed felt bad when we got home.
It feels like I\'m sinking into the ground.
Sleep on Marshmallow
I long for the hard floor.
You can make yourself not so bad.
Throw your duvet on the ground and jump into bed to sleep.
You will be a better person by morning.
There are many opportunities for improvement.
We should look for something that makes us stronger rather than looking for more comfort in life.
The elevator is for wimps, so take the stairs.
If it\'s cold, don\'t wear a jersey and train yourself to deal with it.
If you take out the bin, do some calluses with bare feet.
If you don\'t like the ending of your favorite fantasy drama, suck it clean.
Don\'t Cry online like a baby.
We live in the most comfortable times in human history.
No matter where you look, things are getting easier and easier.
But the enemy is an unnecessary luxury.
They made you soft. Avoid them.
Fortunately, you can change.
You can be strong and pay tribute to your powerful ancestors.
Take me as an example.
The heating under my floor is now fixed and I haven\'t even turned it back on yet.
It may be July. Caveman!
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