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marshall showed girls independence and success

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
When I was 9, I couldn\'t wait Tuesday night.
That\'s when I was lying on a big foam pillow on the living room floor at night looking at Fonz, Jack, Janet and crisy, Tony Danza and the guy who played Kenicke in grease.
\"Without homework, my mom didn\'t pay attention either, and I could learn how to be a cop from Starsky and Hutch.
The best part, though, is that I will spend half the time
Spend an hour on TV with my favorite people: Laverne and Shirley.
When the news came at 10, when I was finally sent to bed, I began to think, there is no fixed bedtime, how cool it will be when I grow up, one can wear pencil skirts and high heels every day, people who can work and apartment with her best friends.
When it was my turn to do it my way and make all my dreams come true, I started to sleep and plan what I was going to do.
Penny Marshall\'s Laverne DeFazio became an important part of my life as the children planned their schedules around the TV Guide.
It\'s not an option to ride a bike until dark on Tuesday night, or play adventures with the neighbor\'s children under the lights of the front porch.
When the funny thing on TV is about men, Laverne is fun.
In my world, the girl did not grow up and did not share the apartment with the best friends;
They grew up, got married, went to school, got a job and lived with their parents.
I want that kind of life.
I don\'t necessarily want to work in a brewery. I want to be a reporter.
I don\'t want to live in Milwaukee, I want to live close enough to my house so that I can go to carne asada on Saturday and he and my family are with me for no reason at Christmas, although on the show Laverne lives downstairs at her dad\'s pizza shop.
1988, a few months later, I went to college and went to Penny Marshall to become the first story to get a direct film that made more than $100 million \"big,\" a boy who wants to be an adult and be transformed into an adult.
Later, she directed another film, their own league, which earned more than $100 million.
This is about the women\'s professional baseball league.
Before \"their own professional baseball league\", many young women of my age did not know that there was a women\'s professional baseball league.
When celebrities die, we remember to look at their work.
We focus on how they influence our lives through Hollywood.
I \'ve never seen Marshall, who passed away on Monday, but I\'m glad we can see her shine.
My husband is not only my roommate but also my best friend and he remembers another story about Marshall.
In a 1999 notebook for the Chicago Tribune, Spurs coach Popovich said that when the Spurs played against the Lakers, Marshall yelled at him and asked him to defend Steve Cole.
He said he wanted to talk about something else.
He asked her about her recent project and talked about her director, but she kept asking him to join Kerr.
Four years later, Cole saved the Spurs in four seconds in the sixth game of the Western Conference finals against Dallas. half 3-pointers.
Spurs back from the double crown
Win the digital deficit of the game and series and then win their second championship.
All of this, there\'s a Spurs fan.
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