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manchester united announce five-year partnership with mattress giants mlily

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
Manchester United look a bit tired for the Premier League title.
But when it comes to pampering Mourinho\'s team, the club\'s rank is not sleeping at work.
The Red Devils announced a strange five.
Annual global partnership with China
It is headquartered in mattress and pillow company.
Hope to decorate the Aon Training Center of the club with the countryof-of-the-
The foam bed for artistic memory will help the player recover and awaken.
So players like Rooney, deheja and Ibrahimovic can now bow their heads in the complex sleep compartment.
The football owners are complaining that their stars are exhausted, but Mourinho will no longer have the excuse.
The Portuguese also didn\'t seem to have any support, and looked very grumpy on the sidelines because his men were attracted by Minos Burnley at home.
Richard Arnold, general manager of Manchester United group, said: \"Mlily has an established record in producing high-quality products.
\"We want to make the most of the latest technology and expertise that can help our team, in which case it is sleep and recovery for players.
\"A global partnership with US will definitely help us achieve our global goals and bring quality products to our global fan families.
\"We look forward to working together.
James Ni, founder of Mlily, added: \"We have been active in multiple channels in the bedding industry for several years.
\"Our experience and our commitment to producing quality mattresses and pillows has led to stress --
Provide customers with free sleep and a healthier life.
\"Manchester United players can now get these results, which will attract more viewers thanks to our global partnership.
\"Keep abreast of all the latest Manchester joint news, gossip, transfers and goals on our club page, click on hereMourinho\'s results and live game reviews recently revealed that his life was a disaster, he lives in a hotel and his family is still in London.
This prompted a sports psychologist to tell the boss that he needed a better job. life balance.
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