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man ploughs £55,000 into pillowcase invention, but would you buy it?

by:Qihao      2019-09-05
The invention does not look impressive, but it should take into account the 55,000 pounds invested.
Still, 68-year-old creator Dave Northcott is happy with the device that allows you to cram your pillow into apillowcase with minimal effort.
Birmingham people compare the breakthrough in bed
Cat\'s Eye manufacturing technology-a light reflection device that changes the history of highways.
He spent all his pension savings on the invention and said he was working with leading supermarket giants such as Tesco and John Lewis on his easy
The 27-year-old grandfather wants it to retail between 15 and 5, but hasn\'t sold any of them yet.
He told reporters: \"The invention is the eye of another cat to me.
It works 100 on a variety of pillows each time, from large pillows to pillows with memory foam.
When it comes to creating the tool, he says, \"Once you start, you will stick to it.
We live on the vamp but we are happy because we have a patent right now and I am confident about it.
\"Now 68 years old and almost broke, I feel it\'s too late to start making and selling, but we hope someone will like our product enough to produce it with permission.
They can have it for free!
\"We wish him good luck, but if he fails, he has the perfect pillow.
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