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maker of foam being bought : acquisition: great western carpet cushion in orange will be owned by one of nation\'s biggest polyurethane makers.

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
Polyurethane foam usually does not attract much attention, although it is everywhere ---
In mattress, sofa, packing, car seat.
This ubiquitous material makes Western carpet cushion companies
Orange success.
In 1991, bubble makers made $100 million in revenue and 600 in wages.
Now, the private holding company is one of the largest bubble manufacturers in California and is being acquired by one of the largest bubble manufacturers in the country. Foamex L. P.
The company, which boasts annual sales of more than half a billion, announced on Wednesday an agreement to buy most of the assets of the Big West carpet cushions.
The acquisition will enable Foamex, based in East Providence. I.
Having the opportunity to sell its products on the other side of the continent, without a base, this feat will be very expensive.
\"We have provided Foamex with a direct impact on the west coast, and they have provided us with the advantage of being associated with a national company,\" Brad DE, chief financial officer of greater western carpet mat
DeCapite explains that long-distance transport foam is financially impractical: \"It\'s a lightweight, bulky product, so it will fill up the truck with air very quickly.
\"DeCapite said he expected no change in the staff of the Big West carpet mats, with 300 employees at the Orange County factory and 300 dealers in Northern California and Washington state, and
Foamex is in the process of reaching an agreement to acquire another foam maker, General felt industry.
In Saddlebrook, N. J.
The company said it would buy the two smaller manufacturers for a total of $0. 137 billion, but would not give details of the deal.
The company said it expects to complete the acquisition in the first half of 1993.
Foamex is a privately held subsidiary of 21 international holdings.
$1 in New York. 1-
Its interests include billions of holding companies in 21 restaurants in Manhattan.
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