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make a foam inflating camping pillow

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
This is the instruction for a self-inflated camping pillow.
The pillow is filled with polyurethane foam inside the plastic housing, the plastic housing is filled with air, but it is easy to be deflated, compacted and stored.
Material/soft shell wool leather waste polyurethane foam I used the old mattress pad Ziplock gallon bag/tape/fabric sheers/iron/aluminum foil/cut polyurethane foam/cut both sides you take from Bed Bath and other places use the mattress hat, so it\'s good to put the foam pad/bunches in the holes in the bag/poke bag so it can deflate/this step is to seal the bag, and remove the foam from the opposite side of ziplock/turn the iron to medium-
Too cool does not create a good seal, too hot will melt the plastic onto the foil/create a foil sleeve where you are going to iron the seam, this way you don\'t break the seams of your iron is created and you can cut off the ziplock/material as a super-fiber soft shell wool.
It has good air permeability, waterproof and soft outside.
/Cut the pattern/stitch around the pieces, they face to face with each other/reverse the pillowcase, so that the right side of the pillowcase is OK/with the outside seam plug the foam bag into the box/finish pillow/I got this leather from a scrap bag in Tandy Leather.
It is thick and hard to sew without awl.
/Use Juki without any thread and slowly pass the leather through with your hands to make the piercings.
/Remember to use the long baste needle because the leather can be easily torn with a tighter needle.
/Manually complete the seam with a leather needle and thread.
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