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luxury floating hotel to house workers in northern british columbia

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
This week, in the northern part of the booming BC province, hundreds of construction workers will live in a unique excavation on a cruise ship and transform into a floating luxury hotel.
The aging ship will help ease the housing shortage in a busy Canadian port city that has erupted before the promised energy boom, which could last for more than a decade.
The Silja Festival, a Baltic ferry built as a Delta spiritual Lodge, will be docked outside the Kitimat in BC for at least a year, where Rio will provide $3 housing for about 600 workers.
3 billion smelter-
The upgrade project is expected to end in 2015.
After that, the ship owner hopes that as major energy companies such as Chevron, Petronas and Royal Dutch Shell advance their LNG export plans, more contracts will fluctuate (LNG)
Projects along Canada\'s Pacific coast.
\"Without this huge investment, this investment will never happen.
Opportunities are growing in the Pacific Northwest, \"said Andrew Purdy, vice president of Bridgeman Services Co. , Ltd. , a private holding company behind the hotel.
\"We saw the opportunity, we put all the opportunities together, but it was actually driven by the industry.
Although there were signs of \"no vacancies\" throughout the town, the effort was risky.
Bridgemans declined to say how much it earned from its first job, but it has spent more than $4 million to import and upgrade the ship and plans to improve further.
After the work of the Rio smelter was over, it had no contract.
But, according to a report from National bank finance, if only four major LNG projects continue, around 15,000 additional beds will be needed in the northern coastal area of Colombia, UK, during peak construction.
Free top service for employers
Ultimate accommodation with basketball court, theater and fine
In the competitive labor market, the restaurant serves three full meals a day, and the relaxation of the captain\'s lounge may be a highlight.
\"We always go back to what our customers want.
\"They want to build a platform to attract and retain the best employees,\" Purdy said . \".
The energy industry in North America is booming.
However, with the company making new investments, it is doubtful that the industry will find and retain the staff it needs to complete all potential projects.
At an event earlier this year, Bill Bennett, energy and mining minister of the British Columbia province, said the province would need to import workers from other provinces and abroad.
\"If every high school student in Area BC.
He said: \"After graduation, he became an apprentice . . . . . . This will not even meet our future needs . \".
Attracting skilled labor to leave other prosperous areas such as Alberta\'s oil sands and the Bakken area that drives the fracking boom in North Dakota will require more than just high salaries.
Workers are looking for benefits.
Floating hotel, everything about it
Inclusive facilities and delicious meals may just be tickets for companies that want to take temporary life to a new level.
The ship, which used to sleep more than 2,000 people overnight in the Baltic Sea, has converted 700 sheets.
Memory Mattress and flat-screen TV in all guest roomsscreen TV.
In addition to accommodation for temporary construction workers, conference facilities are available on board, and there is even a private dining area where special events can be rented out.
The owner noted that the hotel has also provided employment opportunities for local residents who do not have professional trade, helping to ease the pain of a sharp increase in local housing costs.
Rents have tripled and house prices have soared. A quick look at Kitimat\'s listings shows how tight the market has become.
Only two houses are listed below C $200,000, both of which are repairers-uppers.
\"If the price of the house is right, it will be sold in a few days,\" said Ilona Kenny, a real estate agent at RE/MAX Kitimat real, who has lived in the area for nearly 40 years.
\"They were snapped up by people living here, investors renting properties and families moving into town.
\"Typical family home in town-a three-year-old man --bedroom, one-
Kenny said the price of the bathroom bungalow was about $250,000, compared with $100,000 to $150,000 last year.
In a new neighborhood that has not yet started construction, townhouses start at $288,500.
Rents have also soared, putting pressure on the economy for a long time.
Joanne Monaghan, mayor of Kitimat, said time residents who could no longer afford a house.
\"All the apartment buildings built in the 1970 s have been purchased and are being renovated, which creates problems,\" she said . \".
\"People pay $400 a month for rent, and now, in some cases, up to $1,200 a month.
\"It is worrying that the town will soon find itself living in a house --
Capacity crisis, like Williston in North Dakota, where the fracking boom has brought high
The payment of work for thousands of workers also led to a sharp increase in the number of homeless people.
While the real estate crisis kept Monahan awake at night, she was pleased with the local economic boom.
There are new hotels, restaurants and retail stores in the works, and 11,000 of the town has just won the first Tim Hortons, a popular coffee shop chain, a sign of a bustling Canadian town. March in the United States
Coach, coach
Politicians of the times know that every resource boom usually has a bubble burst.
In fact, the town was hit hard during the economic crisis of the local forestry collapse.
\"A few months after I became mayor, the European Parliament (paper mill)
Just pulled it out. We had more U-
\"The trailer is more towed than I can shake,\" Monahan said . \".
\"Now they are back, I just thank God.
\"Floating cabins are not fresh on the west coast, where they are traditionally used for road, timber and fishing projects, but never have a house as big as the 11 th --
Festival boat deck Silja.
When the worker ends last
Four investors took a minute of vacuuming and polishing on the floating hotel and were eager to get the next contract.
They held meetings with various companies planning to build LNG export projects.
To reduce the risk, the group did not purchase a cruise ferry of about $30 million directly, but reached a rent --to-own deal.
Investors can buy if all goes well.
If not, they can walk away.
\"I think everyone is sitting here waiting to see if this is successful,\" said Brian Grange, president of Bridgeman . \".
\"Am I afraid? No, I’m not.
I think this is probably one of the most innovative ideas seen on B. C.
Coast for quite a long time.
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