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long-haul flights can be a real pain in the back

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
Long-distance flights are a scourge for many patients with back pain.
Narrow legroom, uncomfortable seating and limited to a small space all result in lower back pain during and after flight.
According to a survey by the spine universe, most people experience increased back or neck pain after flying.
As a result, expats often put pressure on family and friends to risk long trips
Long term problems.
Lydia Sherlock saw many regulars in Bristol\'s work, a 12-
Weekly spine rehabilitation program for patients with back pain.
\"There are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of an attack and to relieve the pain in the event of a pain attack,\" said Mrs Sherlock . \" She summed up the following points.
Health is the best option for a long time before you fly
Health of expatriates on return flights: a guide to expatriates gathering in South Africa with the economic cloud: a health care guide for a home of health care for expatriates: return to the UK health insurance company by strengthening back and core muscle tissue in the weeks before the flight to provide policies for cancer patients, you have a better chance to survive flight painfree.
The stronger the muscles around you, the better your spine will be able to support in response to the need for flight.
Consider 6 to 10-
Pilates or similar core courses-
Strengthen work before flight.
Many back pain professionals are now offering this course with lecturers specializing in back pain.
As anyone sitting together can testify, airline seats are not designed for comfort during the flight.
Experts suggest that sitting at an angle of 135 degrees, the pressure on the disc and related structures is minimal.
You won\'t be able-
Fly but may find it comfortable to sit in a recliner.
If you have neck pain, bring an inflatable memory foam neck pillow and provide extra support for your head and neck, rolling up the blanket behind your lower back can help keep the natural curve of your spine.
Put a book or something like that on the floor and have your feet on it.
This will improve your legs and make them better aligned with your hips.
If you can, the goal is to get up and walk every 40 minutes, and it\'s enough to walk up and down the aisle.
Find some space at the end of the plane and do some stretching exercises to ease any stiffness.
Start with the spine roll-down;
Stand high, move the chin to the chest, then aim at one spine at a time, roll forward and bypass the spine until you bend completely.
Slowly reverse to the standing position and repeat it again.
Lift your legs in turn and put your knees into your chest.
Stretch the front of the thigh by bending the heel to the bottom and gently pulling in with your hand.
For the back of your leg, put one leg in front of the other, keep the leg straight, bend the other leg and hinge forward from your hip.
Keep your back straight and hold your hands on your curved legs.
Dehydration can aggravate back pain, especially when you have a disc problem.
Make sure you drink a lot of water and avoid excessive consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol.
After the flight, if you find yourself in pain after the flight, the best thing you can do is move on.
Avoid sitting for a long time and use the spine roll to stretch your backdown. A deep-
Tissue massage can eliminate any stiffness and relax the tense muscles.
If the pain continues after you return, find a back pain professional to talk to you about the long termterm solutions.
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