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long flight? here\'s how to stay healthy and sane

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
For most people, the only pleasant thing for a long time is
Long-distance flight is its predecessor (hopefully)
A great destination.
Spend hours listening to the roar around the plane\'s engine (
Or get the kid behind you to kick the seat)
It feels like torture.
However, there are ways to mitigate the discomfort and health risks of a long flight that will make you less afraid of the upcoming air flight.
In addition, you will reach your next place and be ready to meet the world. 1.
Choosing a good seat that you choose to sit on the plane can help or hurt your chance to enjoy your flight.
South African Air Force pilot monmonmonareng recommends that if you are short or want to sleep most of the time, choose a window seat and choose a aisle seat more frequently if you are tall or know you need to get up.
\"When you sleep, the window seat provides neck support,\" he said . \".
\"If you choose an aisle seat, remember to bring a bed pillow.
If you need extra leg space, please select a seat close to the emergency exit.
\"Mr. Jeremy O\'KennedyD.
Former military flight surgeons, aviation medical doctors and dermatologists in Johannesburg, South Africa once again warned that if you want to sleep, you can sit in aisle seats or sit near the bathroom.
\"The restrooms are places where people gather and can cause a lot of potential noise and congestion stimulation,\" he said . \".
If you need to be near the toilet, choose a seat three to four aisles from the toilet.
\"In the course of 16 hours, the facility took more time than it could handle and was prone to unpleasant smells.
\"Nobody wants to get close to it if they can help. 2.
It\'s tempting to move and stretch to sleep for a long time at a time because it will make time fly.
But sleep all the time-
If you\'re the ones who can-
The risk of deep venous thrombosis is greater (
Or blood clots in the legs)
Could be a life.
Threatening pulmonary embolism (
When blood clots fall off the legs, form a suppository, which can then be deposited in the lungs), says Dr. O\'Kennedy.
So it\'s important to move.
When you sit for a few hours and your legs are drooping, gravity will hold your veins back to the heart and your muscles will not shrink to help you, Dr. O\'Kennedy says.
Moving around or stretching can help the blood flow and prevent blood stagnation.
The most common early symptoms of DVT include: pain, tenderness, heat, or redness of the leg.
O\'Kennedy recommends getting up from your seat at least once an hour and walking down the aisle or to the bathroom.
While you\'re in the aisle, try to stand up, stretch your limbs or lift your calves to make your blood flow even more. (
Don\'t bother the people around you! )
If you\'re stuck in your seat, do at least some muscle contraction in your legs.
For example, lift your toes while keeping your feet flat and holding them for 30 seconds.
Or press the cabin floor down with your toes for 30 seconds.
You can also try an ankle roll, fold forward or sit in a modified wall/chair (
Lift your ass from the chair and press all the weight on your feet and back).
Repeat at least once an hour.
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Keeping dehydrated is bad for your health.
The effect is exaggerated when you are 26,000 feet above sea level.
\"The blood of dehydrated people is more likely to\" stick \"and clot,\" the doctor said . \"O\'Kennedy.
Blood that is easier to form blood clots will make it easier for you to form thrombosis.
\"The low humidity on the plane can also cause dehydration because we lose the liquid by breathing and evaporation of the skin,\" said the GP.
Mari Delport is from the Hatmed tourist clinic in Pretoria, South Africa. Drink water (
About half a gallon a day)
Keep moisture, not coffee or alcohol, which will only make you feel more dry.
There is another benefit of drinking more water: \"The more fluid we drink, the more times we get up and go to the bathroom, the lower our risk of DVT,\" Dr. O\'Kennedy says.
If you drink enough water, the color of the urine is a good measure.
The doctor said urine should be transparent. Delport.
If not, your water intake is insufficient.
She also recommends the use of lip balm, moisturizing lotion and nasal spray to combat the effects of dehydration and low humidity in the aircraft.
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Eyes, but you keep walking without sleeping.
So before you get up and stretch, it\'s a good idea to take a nap in hours.
However, not everyone can sleep on long flights.
Your brain actually determines when you fall asleep or whether you fall asleep by relying on certain signals, such as light, touch, sound, and temperature, Dr. O\'Kennedy.
Your brain needs a simple, single
He says the frequency background sound, dark or darkened light, and a comfortable resting position at a slightly colder temperature.
To make things better for a nap, Dr.
O\'Kennedy recommends adjusting the seat to make it as flat as possible, turning off the headlight, and building the sleep schedule on the basis of darkening the cabin light.
If it\'s still too bright, try the eye mask.
Warm and comfortable with blankets (
Usually provided-flight)
Travel pillows.
Remember, it doesn\'t help to worry about not being able to sleep.
\"Relax and empty your mind,\" the doctor said . \"O\'Kennedy. 5.
Distracting yourself \"draws your own interest in the mechanics and history of the type of aircraft you are on,\" said Dr. O\'Kennedy.
\"You can also get familiar with the flight route and the important places you\'re flying over.
Or people watching-
No obvious or rude
\"Guess the life story and career of your traveling companion,\" he said . \".
If the one mentioned earlier is not attractive, there are a lot of options to distract you. Dr.
Delport recommends downloading inspirational podcasts before the flight and considering that there is no Wi-Fi as \"me time.
\"Audiobooks are also an effective way to spend time.
Or get lost in the book you \'ve always wanted to read but have been putting off.
Download the new series to your tablet before you fly-
No guilt!
Try your hand on the adult coloring book.
They are amazing treatments and rewards.
Or, solve a crossword game or 10 if you want.
Complete tasks you \'ve been delaying, such as writing a letter to a loved one, editing a presentation, planning or putting all your photos into a folder.
But no matter what you do, O\'Kennedy warns, don\'t look at your watch all the time!
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