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kochi refinery seeks government support: kochi refinery seeks government support | kochi news - times of india

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
Koat Petroleum Co. , Ltd (BPCL)
The Kochi Refinery seeks support from the state government to speed up the ongoing project from the laying of liquefied petroleum gas pipelines at the Kochi Refinery to Salem, Tamil Nadu, to reduce liquefied petroleum gas tankers on the road and thus improve road safety.
BPCL Chairman and General Manager D Rajkumar discussed the company\'s investment in the state during a meeting with Finance Minister t m Thomas Isaac at Thiruvananthapuram
According to BPCL officials, the company is waiting for the center to approve an environmental permit to invest Rs 10,000 in the petrochemical sector, including the establishment of a Polyols Plant in Ambalamugal for Rs 9 crore
Polymer is mainly used for flexible foam materials such as furniture and bedding.
An important purpose
The product of polyols is polyurethane foam and the usage in the Indian market is growing rapidly.
Another use of polyols is automotive interiors and footwear.
A public hearing was held prior to the establishment of the plant after seeking environmental permits.
The project has identified approximately 170 acres.
At the hearing, the residents\' association proposed that BPCL should comply with all environmental norms and form green belts in the area.
They also asked the authorities to ensure smooth road traffic.
One of the suggestions made is 4-
The Laning Pettah-Ambalamugal-
Karimugal Highway and Port-Airport Road.
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