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john demjanjuk case: germany\'s surreal war crimes trial

by:Qihao      2019-09-02
It was a surreal experience to witness the trial of John demiyanjuk.
The man lay there and fell on his wheel
Chair in the corner of the court with his head back on a foam pillow and his face pointing to the ceiling.
It\'s a face without anything.
He wore sunglasses and baseball caps, which covered up any emotional twitch.
During the break, he was pushed down the corridor, presumably to the toilet.
But the lunch is on a tray.
When everyone else goes to the canteen, he eats there.
Others are usually family members of people murdered in the camp where Mr Demjanjuk allegedly was a guard.
They crowded on the other end of the small room, with no decorations other than a common wooden cross on the line where seven judges will decide guilty or innocent.
The ceremony for calm investigation is drawing to a close.
After hundreds of times of evidence, the court is about to make a judgment.
The seven judges will decide whether the sad and shabby old man is the same person as the guard at the Sobibor death camp, who is-
About 27,000 people were murdered.
The difficulty with the prosecutor\'s attempt to present the case is that there are no witnesses --
There were not many witnesses left by Sobibor.
There was an ID card indicating that a man who looked very much like young John demiyanjuk was transferred to the camp.
Not to the gas chamber, but as a Ukrainian prisonerof-
War appointed by the SS as camp guard
But the document comes from files of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union, and its \"intelligence\" KGB is not known for direct trading, especially where it may involve the propaganda of black people in the West.
John Demjanjuk has been a car worker in the United States for most of the time, and the FBI has expressed doubts about the authenticity of the ID card.
Thus, the verdict of \"guilt\" is by no means certain.
This may not provoke people on the other end of the court as you think.
Public benches are packed with relatives of the dead, and if you talk to them, they are often not sure that the person wearing a baseball hat in the corner is the one who brings their family to death.
It is important for them that the trial has begun.
They felt the need to acknowledge the pain of Sobibor and the people who were murdered there.
You found out they thought it was
The horror story was reported.
This is the real purpose of this trial: to clarify memory;
Recognize what has happened;
Give it the truth.
This is very important in Germany today.
Have a view-
Often outside Germany.
Especially the British obsession with war.
But so did the Germans.
They ask two questions: first, how and why?
Second, how did they respond after the disaster?
The court is currently putting on another play, albeit at a slower pace. The post-
The war archives of Adolfo Eichmann may reveal the attitude of the Federal Republic towards the former Nazis.
Part of the paper that appears from the back Vault
German war intelligence agencies say they know his whereabouts before the bureaucratic organizers of the Holocaust Road are arrested and tried in Israel.
Nazis, you see, sometimes after
In the German war, they did not pursue the previous comrades too much.
This is approximately the case, and this argument was made by counsel seeking to release the Ashman file.
German courts are the battlefield of history, whether it is Ashman or demiyanhook.
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