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jackson\'s son cries for dad

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
Michael Jackson\'s son, Prince Michael II, cries to sleep every night.
Seven of the late pop starsyear-old son -
Called \"blank\"
In June 25, his father died of acute C. P. C. poisoning and he was very upset and often asked where his \"dad\" was and cried in the bedroom.
A family friend of Jackson said: \"He cried and slept and kept asking where Dad was.
His aunt Rebbie slept on a baby bed next to him for the first few nights because he was afraid to sleep alone.
He was wild during the day.
Michael\'s three children. 12-year-
11-year-old son, Prince Michael Iyear-
Old daughter of Paris and blankets
Since the death of the \"Thriller\" singer, it has been taken care of by their legal guardian and grandmother Catherine.
Although it is reported that the youngest siblings are clearly emotional, Paris is coping with her grief in a quieter way.
The source explained to the British Sunday Times magazine: \"There is a lot of reading, watercolor painting and hair in Paris --
She weaves with her cousins, who come every day, and she often speaks to a few friends on her mobile phone.
\"But it is reported that the oldest Prince spent hours playing computer games, which attracted attention and Catherine had to limit his time on the Internet.
\"Catherine ensures that Internet access is monitored and the time --
Limited around the house.
At the same time, education consultant Tony Buzan
He was employed by Michael to help him raise his children.
Talked about how close the three children were to their father.
He said: \"I will watch them come and go from international schools every day.
They left happily and returned happily.
When they came back, the three children could not run any faster from the car to find their father.
The children seem to enjoy each other\'s company.
This is unusual among the three groups, where there is often tension.
Meanwhile, it is revealed that Michael\'s brother, Jermaine, will pay tribute to the late pop singer at this year\'s MOBO Awards. The 54-year-
The five old former Jackson singers will be on stage with 12-year-old Shahin Jafar Holly for the awards ceremony to celebrate black music.
British Daren finalist Sha Hin performed to about 1 billion people at the Michael Jackson memorial concert on July.
Jermaine will sing \"smile\" at a ceremony at the Scottish Exhibition and Convention Center in Glasgow \"(SECC)
Arena September 30
He said: \"I am very happy to attend the MOBO awards ceremony this year.
My family and I have been involved in the global pop music business for more than half a century and it\'s amazing to see the impact of our time among modern black music artists.
I look forward to coming to Scotland and meeting with artists to be a part of MOBO 2009 \".
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