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Issue 22 24 Best Ways To Do The Things That Matter

by:Qihao      2020-09-29
Best Ways To Save Money Shoebox Money. When you get paid pay yourself first before any bills or anything. Put money some where you can get to it like a shoe box with the lid taped up with a slit in the top maybe a girls bank accout just somewhere that you cant tout it. Best Ways To Raise Kids Don't Forget What They Are Going Through. My daughter was born with clubbed feet. Within days of her birth, she was in casts to her hips to correct them. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable for a baby. Then you get colic on top of it after many feedings. I found that even when I wanted to scream at her to stop crying and go to sleep, saying 'I love you, too' in response to every wail helped me keep my sanity. Best Ways To Maintain Relationships If You Can Say It, You Can Get Over It. My boyfriend and I have maintained a long-term relationship for 5 years and the key is communication. If you feel like you can tell your partner anything, you can get over problems you may have. Best Ways To Travel Neck Pillows Rock! The best travel tip when riding a plane is to always take a memory foam neck pillow. Nothing is more frustrating than being on a long flight and not being able to get some rest and sleep comfortably. Best Ways To Save The Planet Buy Used Stuff. I shop for used items whenever possible. This helps avoid unnecessary manufacturing and wasteful packaging, and keeps items that aren't worn out from entering the landfills. Oh, and it saves money, too! Best Ways To Advance Your Career Be Yourself. Being myself even if it meant not being popular. I have been loyal to whomever I have worked for. I have always been able to say something nice about everyone I have ever worked with. Never have I ever used my work email for personal use nor my work computer for personal use. Best Ways To Cook How to tell if it's hard-boiled. If you have both hard boiled eggs and uncooked eggs in your refrigerator but can't tell the difference. Just spin the eggs on the counter. The hard boiled eggs will keep spinning and the uncooked eggs will not. Best Ways To Clean A commercial for Dawn. I would have to say, my favorite cleaning secret is Dawn Power Dissolver. It cleans the toughest baked on messes from your dishes. It also dissolves grease and is wonderful for cleaning stoves and ovens. It will dissolve the worst mess and leave the surface clean and shiny. Best Ways To Maintain Your Health More fruit smoothies. I am trying to eat more fruit this year. I have started to make fruit smoothies every morning before I workout. I also try to eat one apple every day. Best Ways To Get An Education Thank You, Mr. Boyd! was Mr. Boyd. He understood that I was intelligent but needed extra help in math and was willing to help me and explain things as many times and in as many different ways as it took. Best Ways To Experience The Divine Attend The Divine Liturgy. In the Divine Liturgy in my parish I connect to the Holy Trinity by the prayers and readings specified by the rites. While many find ritual dull and repetitive, I find them a structured way the Church reveals the God through the person of Jesus Christ and the history of all the Saints. While I can pray on my own, I find being in a space specified for that purpose to be essential for directing my focus. Best Ways To Accept Mortality God Has Already Decided. Realizing that everyone has a pre-destined time to go. God has decided this when you are born. You can't stop God, he will do what he wants. Live your life to the fullest and don't look back. God, will take you when he wants you or no other man can stop him. Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Watch The Sunrise On The Solstice. On the shortest day of the year some friends and I go to the western most tip of our island and watch the sunrise. We drink some beers and discuss the previous year and what may be to come. It's a lotta cold fun. Best Ways To Be Romantic Picnic And A Poem. On our 1 year anniversary i took my girlfriend into the woods we usually walk in for a picnic. I had placed roses all around our favorite tree and when we got there i pulled out a bottle of champagne i had hidden behind the tree. i read her a poem i had written about her and we drank in the shade in spring. Best Ways To Be Creative Fill A Binder. I collect a binder of pictures from magazines or books of things that I'd love to own but cost too much to purchase and that I might be able to hand craft. When I need to get my creativity working, I look at the pictures and think of how to adapt them in my own style. Best Ways To Be Beautiful Get your hair cut. i do something very easy to stay feeling good and looking good. i get my hair cut at least once every six weeks. i always leave the salon feeling great! Best Ways To Raise Pets Don't sneak up on a rescue. I've had cats who have come from shelters or who were abandoned and sometimes clearly mistreated. Often they are terrified of people. They have all eventually relaxed and felt safe and comfortable in my house, although it can take quite a bit of time for that to happen. One thing I've learned is to not approach a cat quietly from behind when they are still frightened; let the cat see you coming, so he or she knows you aren't sneaking up on them to cause them harm. Best Ways To Grow Plants Replicate ideal conditions. Most plants we grow, whether in our gardens or in pots inside our houses, wouldn't be growing in those particular spots without human intervention. To help a plant thrive, it is important to understand the conditions under which it is genetically programmed to thrive. The task of the gardener is then to do what she can to replicate those conditions for that plant in her home or garden. Best Ways To Be Happy My Daughter's Smile Makes Me Happy. I am more than happy if I can make my seven year old daughter smile or laugh. she means the world to me, and bring me so much joy! Best Ways To Cope With Family Bring an outsider. You can't tell my mother...she's dead. Anyway, I've always discovered that having a friend attend family functions with me helps deal with flair ups. Also, my family is less likely to throw a fit in front of an outsider. It's win win! Best Ways To Coach A Team Basketball: Encouragement For The New Kid. I am a horrible athlete. I never excelled at any sport, except basketball. But, because I wasn't one of the popular kids, no one cared that I was good a basketball. I moved to a different school district, and the coach there recognized I could play and gave me a lot of tips and encouragement. However, I was a Junior in high school by that time. It for me was a little too late. I will never forget his words of encouragement. Best Ways To Master Computers Turn Off FaceBook. Computers seem to be an easy way to keep in touch with friends and family but I think it is actually causing a disconnect between each other socially. Try something fun in life, turn off facebook, stop updating your blog, call someone from a pay phone. Make plans without texting each other every five minutes to see where you are at. Get lost! Best Life Lessons Accept The Gift Of Peace. No matter what happens there is a Source of Peace that surpasses all understanding. Whitehead says it comes as a gift, and he is right. But it is a gift that can be asked for and a gift that can be welcomed. My most awesome moment was on a subway train headed for my best friend's deathbed due to AIDS. I asked for Peace, and it was as if Someone fastened a wonderful, secure safety harness on me. Best Ways To Have Fun Go Ziplining. A fun thing that I do is go ziplining up in north georgia. It is something new to do, and it is quite an enjoyment. You zipline from tree to tree. It is a great experience everyone should try in their lifetime.
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