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is this the perfect travel pillow? new \'head hammock\' recreates how you sleep in bed... while sat upright

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
If you are one of many people who are having trouble falling asleep during a flight, train and car trip, then this new pillow can make the trip more peaceful.
The new product, called NodPod, claims that it will radically change the way people sleep in transit by acting as a hammock in your head.
The company that invented the new pillow from the city of Wisconsin, Kentucky, says it\'s very innovative because it reproduces the way you sleep in bed, but in an upright position.
The innovator said: \"The reason why it is difficult to rest or sleep when traveling is because you can\'t keep the head, neck and back vertical and keep it at 90-
Similar to the angle you sleep in bed at night.
\"It can cause jet lag, neck and body pain and wake your passengers awkwardly. \'[But our]patented over-the-
The top design prevents the head from tilting forward and left and right.
There are many other features in the Nordisk Boulder Hotel, which is perfect for traveling.
The exterior is made of waterproof PU
Coated fabric so it is wiped
Clean up for drooling sleepers.
Also, when the wire goes around the screen, its design does not disturb the passengers behind it.
For safety purposes, if events such as bad turbulence and collision landing occur, the wires break under sudden pressure.
The inventor created a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter, raised enough money to start the production of this patent idea, and has already achieved the goal. Raise $73,224 from the $20,000 target, with a deadline of 22 days.
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